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mango_tree_islam_carefulHave you ever watched a mango tree closely- the tree grown up with deep roots and widespread branches? Of these, which would be the lowest hanging branch? No doubt, it will be the one with more number of mangoes in it. If stoned, what it gives back is plumpy sweet mangoes.

Have you ever paid attention to seashells? The seashells buried in the sand distinguished by none. People simply saunter over it; but what’s obscured in? Precious pearls!

Aren’t there numerous signs for us in these examples? Yes, indeed! A true believer should be like this. Like the mango tree, which offers only virtues to others even when it blooms and fraught with delicious fruits, and similar to the seashell hidden in the seashore even when it holds tremendous wealth and value, we should lay impressive examples of humble, polite and candid life omitting the desires for fame or honor.


A Hadees narrated by Abu Davood (RA) cites that simplicity is a part of ‘iman’ (faith). This implies that a true believer should be modest in nature. The humbleness in a true believer doesn’t mean that one should be insensitive, unresponsive or idle during all occasions. (But it means)
A life,

~  evaded of extravagance and boasting and every action freed of evil and betrayal on others.

~  that is not longing to conquer others,

~ least desired on seizing the heights, which others could never achieve,

~ not puffed up with conceit.

That is how Prophet (PBUH)’s life was! He never wished to lead a higher ‘status’ life; still he had been being counted as the greatest personalities on earth. The reason for this is nothing but his transparent and candid life.

He taught “people who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted by Almighty Allah (T’ala)”. To show off his position as Allah’s messenger, Prophet (PBUH) never dressed up in royal attires or lived in mansions or palaces. He led an ordinary life, and passed away leaving an extra ordinarily history behind. Prophet (PBUH) used to walk in the end when traveling in a group. He used to say ‘Salam’(greeting) to any small child and inquire their whereabouts. He used to help anyone in need. He lived a lucid life.

We are obliged to follow every deed and quality of Prophet (PBUH) who himself has been a role model for a true believer. Have a look at the lifestyle of people around us. Are we different from the reveling unbelievers who lead a luxurious life? Aren’t our body and houses fraught with a myriad of splendor and luxury? Does our attitude to others reflect modesty and simplicity? Aren’t we growing up our children in a flaunting ambiance?

Do each and everything we buy and keep in our house serve a real need, or are they gaudy items we keep because our neighbor/relative has it…? Where would we take all these materialistic achievements that we buy and accumulate as in we hear or see…?

gold_dead_money_india_zakatStatistics in India reveal that, the Muslim majority regions are dominating in costume and ornament businesses and consumption. Doesn’t this accumulated ‘dead money’ cause adversity to the community? In a region consisting of 100 houses, if every house has hundred grams of gold, it adds up to 10kgs of gold all together. This much money is dead in reality. This money should have been belonging to the poor and needy of the society, must have been used as the capital amount for many endeavors benefiting to the society, or intended to be distributed through Zakath.


Can we find some time in between our busy schedules to think like this?

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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  • shafna zaid

    this s a very gud attmpt…
    the messages are heart touching..
    hope it can help to purify d polluted minds…
    may allah reward u….
    asslamualeykm varahmathullah

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