When relationships are torn apart!


sketch_life_islam_relationshipsA lot of hard work is required to sketch a beautiful picture. It isn’t hard to tear it away, after sketching a stunning painting by precisely stringing the colors and contours. But, it is not easy to reconstruct the picture from the pieces after it was wrecked.

This is how friendships and relationships are! Good relations are built through long-term interactions, conversations and proximity. Strong and lasting friendships can not be build quickly. It needs a lot of time for a sheer familiarity to grow as an intimate bond. Nowadays,  strong friendships that bind hearts together are extremely rare. Only those with a broad mind can love others unconditionally. It requires a lot of attitude to retain the relationships with an open mind, beyond egoism. Yet, it doesn’t require ample time to tear the elegant sketch of friendship apart that was built over years of proximity and sharing. It is easy to break the bonds of relationships and throw it away, but it will take long time to build it up again.

Love is an experience beyond comparison. It is an engraving which beautifies itself by relishing and sharing. When one shares love with other, how much changes it brings to the beloved one’s life! Similar to the spring which brings exquisiteness and enchantment to the nature around, the zest of love rejuvenates our lives like never before. Love is a light which ablaze with sharing.

love_kinships_guard_islamKinship and personal relations are the beauty and fragrance of life. Blood relation is a responsibility that needs to be retained legally. Personal relations, though not bound legally, are the ones that grows and blossom to intimate bonds. When we adapt or posses such relationships, a newfangled beauty will be attained as a part and parcel of our life. Don’t you think that, good relationships are those who would cry for us, find pleasure in our happiness,come along whenever required and wanting us not to be separated even without we demanding it? Those are the hearty friendships that come closer even when living farther. No one would be possessing many friends to cherish good memories deep down in the heart. Such friends will be there as an affection and shelter even in our memories.

love_shelter_islam_relations_friendsThey will constantly give us their time, presence and wealth, will wait for us without any distress. They will continue supporting us without expecting anything in return. How beautiful it is when two people make a hearty relation like this! Such a pleasure will be too enticing to be explained to a third person. How dreadful it would be, when those hearts depart! Separation and quarrel will create unbearable sorrow in the heart. When one condemns other, it triggers a never healing wound. When a person go apart for silly reasons, it remains as a woe. Whatever were there till then, suddenly appear as melancholic memories. When nothing is being shared, we feel isolated even in a herd.

Though there are numerous means and ways to know each other and get closer, this is an era where proximity and personal relations decline. Apart from the things which interest us, we are unable to know and consider our friends, those who are closer are easily getting separated, and there leaves no agonies even when they depart. Personal bonds must have to grow as the greatest pleasure. Abdullah ibnu Mashood (RA) used to tell his fellow ‘Sahabas’ “You are my curing medicine”. The presence and significant tête-à-tête between friends alleviate our pain and distress. Such relationships must sprout and grow in our lives. It is a great fortune to be able to possess strong and deep friendships that will not deviate to ‘Harams’, making closer to goodness and keeping away from sins. When Ali (RA) was asked why was he wearing the same dress continuously, he replied: ‘This was gifted by my close friend Umar ul Farook.”

At times, close friendships cling to our soul more than kinship. We must keep good relations without ever dwindling. Every relationship is like a crystal pot, it requires lot of attention and care to sustain from damage or breaking. Let our friendships NOT to be torn apart, but to keep forever without fading in its beauty.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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