‘O Lord, string our hearts together…’


Prophet (peace be upon him) had been repeatedly advising a swahaba (follower of the prophet), who continued consuming liquor even after accepting Islam. Though, Prophet used to describe about the anti-Islamism and adversity of it, the disciple could not correct his vice. He continued the bad habit despite of punishments and rebuke he was given.

One day, he came to prophet’s gathering, as usual drunk.  The nasty stench of alcohol spread around. At that moment, another swahaba, who was sitting next to him, slandered something about him. A small word that usually we ignore as if it is negligible! But prophet treated it very seriously. Prophet admonished him more than what he does with the boozing follower. Using harsh words, Prophet despised the act of defaming a brother in a gathering.

This is how Prophet (SA) guarded the mutual relationships among his followers. By breaking the fence of enmity and separation, he strung their hearts together to a new thread of love and true friendship. Prophet (SA) lead the Arabs of the sixth century, who framed huge castles of hatred among them for a drop of alcohol or an inch of land, to an untainted and unceasing brotherhood of honest and pure relationships. He advised them, as follows:

Praphets Advice to mankind

As one embraces Islam, he becomes a brother of all who follow Islam. They strive in the strong base of Islamic ideology with a single mind. From the selfish thought of ‘for me/mine’, his mind grows to the social feeling of ‘for us/ours’. He prays for all believers: “Our Lord! Forgive us and our brethren who have preceded us in Faith, and put not in our hearts any hatred against those who have believed. Our Lord! You are indeed full of kindness, Most Merciful” (Qura’n 59:10).

A believer, who submitted himself to Allah, submits his brotherly affection also for the same cause. Thus, his belief reaches its perfection. Abu Umamah (RA) narrated : Allah’s Messenger (SAW)said:Love_for_Allah

Another hadhees cites that, those who loved for the sake of Allah, will be offered with the thrones made up of light in the heaven, even prophets and martyrs will be envious for it.  On the Day of Judgment, when the entire mankind blaze under the intolerable heat, Allah will announce loudly like this: “Where are those who loved each other for my sake? I will shade them today, when there is no shade but mine.”

It is their Iman (faith) that strings the believers together, always. They transform into unified slaves of the one God. They are united in worships and prayers, beyond the boundaries of wealth or conceit. With a single mind, they pray to their Lord: “Guide us to the Straight Way”.

Their minds are strung through the word ‘Our Lord’. Yearning for the heaven, fearing Allah on whom all invocations end and praying for the release from hell, they unite in worships.

Prophet (SA) taught a prayer for believers to supplicate for each other: “O Allah, bring our hearts together and make our relations firm”.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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