O Merciful, don’t forsake us…


*A New Year resolution and reminder for every Muslim*

A pencil often comes attached with an eraser, why? Well, to quickly rectify the possible flaws in our script! Don’t you think we need a similar gadget in our lives too? All snags and flaws emanated from our sayings and doings need to be mitigated promptly.

We are at the doorsteps of another brand new year.  We’ve been given a new tome consisting of 360 pages and we have just crumpled a similar one. It’s essential to re-evaluate that quarto precisely and mend the likely glitches. It’s when we darn each of its petals exquisitely, the whole book sparkles in beauty.

Let the followings be the key ingredients in our supplications:

Sweet-Little-Muslim-Baby-Making-Dua“O Lord, the Merciful! All praise and glory belong to you, the compassionate. Upon your boundless benevolence, we eulogize. You are the Lord of the universe.-  The All Seeing and The Much-Forgiving!  To you, we outpour our gratitude and obligation. O The Provider of another year, bestow upon us your immense blessings throughout the year. O The Guardian, To You, we seek protection from all evils. This being is an epoch of several years strung together. Our greatest asset is the virtues we accomplished through this piddling life. Without agnizing it, we have committed umpteen lapses. Inadvertence is the cause for all those. O The Pardoner, To you I repent, and forgive all the sins befallen due to negligence. A mind that belittles its vices is the most hazardous. O The Restrainer, guard our minds from that dearth. We’ve begotten formidable tumbles in abiding you. O Lord, The Generous, The Forgiver,  Upon You we rely, so reprieve our downfalls. Despite knowing that satan is our rival, we have fallen in his ditches. Despite knowing Hereafter is true, we have despised it infinite times.

fire_islam_heareAfterNumerous times, we have lost the quest for paradise. In many instances, the remembrance of fire did not daunt us. We subsisted in a sluggish absurdity. O my Lord, The Ever Relenting, The Compassionate! To you we seek, bestow upon us your abundant bounty; protect us from all evils! Shower upon us, the fortitude to remain steadfast in the path of truth.

O Lord, The Guide! Enlighten us to distinguish all that lead us to stray. O Lord, we are encircled by all that annihilate our faith. O The Preserver! Include us in those who preserve self purity without getting into grime. O The Kind! Bless us to preserve love and kindness towards everyone. We have accrued lapses in the fulfillment of our obligations. We’ve committed countless frailties in fulfilling obligations to our parents, family etc.  Above all, we have begotten flaws in fulfilling obligations to you! O The Most Merciful, The Almighty! To you we repent, forgive us all our sins. We have befallen in that you have forbidden, and we have withheld from that you have ordained. We were slothful even in our compulsory obligations. Most of our Salats (Prayer) were mere gestures. Al though we whined for umpteen matters, O Lord, our eyes never shred tears in remembrance of You. We’ve devoured countless hours for futile matters, and did not find time to spend for Your contentment. O The Supremely Exalted, in you we seek ultimate refuge, forgive us everything, The Savior!

O Benevolent, though we strived to prettify our physique, we have failed in purifying our hearts! It has teemed with envy, malevolence and conceit. Albeit toiled in your path, we’ve relinquished the good intention (Niyya in Arabic) behind. We craved for others’ accolade and admiration. There have been lapses in personal life and splurges in our social life. O The Greatest! These are  among You dislike. To You we repent, forgive us!  Our hearts wrench; our minds sob in the apprehension that we have been sacrificing Your likes for worldly yields! O The Most Merciful, don’t forsake us. We were ecstatic in prosperity; accused You in tribulations; often disliked Your decrees! Several times, we have failed in perceiving that invocation to You is the invincible fortitude. To You we have surrendered, O Merciful, The Most Forgiving, Bestow upon us Your forgiveness.

Grace us to be contented always. Protect us from all overwhelming ordeals. If we befall in any affliction, O Lord, strengthen our faith to endure it. Gift us the fortune to perform all that’s good. Grant us a heart freed from toxic engrossment.

Include us among those who crave for the happiness of the real world (Hereafter), beyond the adornments of this world. How trivial is this life! Yet we are being betrayed by its adornments. Though the remembrance about you persists within, how smoothly we stray from the right path. How easily we get entangled in luring sins. Very often, we fail to sail against the flow of evils. O Lord, the remembrance of You, is the onliest asylum; that abides as ‘memory’ in our lives. The dearth of our memories drift us into the abyss of Satan.  O Our Beloved Lord, refine us from all the evils.

We have downfallen in perceiving that the dazzling and prestigious life is the one we attain through your religion; and thus we hunt for further zests. This is the hefty menace of this epoch. O Almighty, extricate us from those. O Gracious, bestow upon us the avidity to abstain from and battle against all the faults. O Lord, The Most Merciful, fraught us with tremendous love towards you. May the fear about you yield us audaciousness in everything. When we trust in your supremacy, let everything else appear insignificant to us . O The Supreme, in you we seek refuge.You are the solace, upon You we rely. O The Most Merciful, don’t forsake us.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud



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