Got ready for the final Journey?


Death is a predestined stillness. A fact that ends all enjoyments of this life. A reality that cuts off all relations. A verdict that ceases all our deeds. To a hovel or a mansion, it is a troublesome guest arrives any time without invitation. A moral that enables us realize that our conceits and vanities are meaningless. A mentor who teaches the insignificance of this mundane life to human. An adieu that wets the eyes of even those iron hearted. A farewell that nobody likes. The last moment that everyone shall definitely taste. An unkind summon that enters easily into any secure covert. The final friend who can accompany any one at any moment with no sense of time or age or occasion. The perceived truth that never returns until completing the mission, and never gives up in front of deluging eyes.

Prophet (SA) once told Umar (RA): “O Umar, death itself is enough as an adviser”. History books reveal that Umar (RA) had inscribed these words on his ring. Remembrance about death and preparing to face it are part of ‘Iman’ (faith). Nobody pines thinking about their own death like how they mourn in the death of their dear ones. In fact nobody likes it. Those who perceive the seriousness of death in its real sense will indeed keep themselves away from falsehood, will always be solicitous to embrace the moment of death and will flourish their life with righteous deeds.

Quran_59_18If I die, what will happen to my children and family? – we often ponder over! Our life will begin to improve from the moment we think ‘what will happen to me if I die?‘. Only such people will be conscious about time and exert due care in utilizing it fruitfully. Only such will be vigilant in utilizing  their entire time for benefiting in the Hereafter and without wasting even a single moment. The Quran verse “…Let every person look to what he has sent forth for tomorrow…” (59:18) leads them to righteous deeds. The thought that life in this world should not beget a failure in the Hereafter, but should yield success – empowers them to refrain from sins. About such people, Quran says: “(They are those) who are certain that they are going to meet their Lord, and that unto Him they are going to return.” (2:46)

It is certain that the life in this mundane world will end today or tomorrow. We are left with reckonable minutes. Like it is mentioned in a Hadhees, even if we do ‘Ibadha’ (worship) throughout our life, it will not be enough to substantiate even a single blessing from Allah –(for example) eye sight. Our success merely depends on how much time, wealth and knowledge granted by Allah are being spent on His cause. “Then, for such as had transgressed all bounds, And had preferred the life of this world, The Abode will be Hell-Fire;” (Quran 79: 37-39)

Prophet (SA) has predicted about a situation where Muslims would be similar to trashes (junks, scum) in the gush of rain water. When Prophet (PBUH) mentioned the reason as they are caught in ‘Vahn’, his companions asked what is meant by ‘vahn’. Prophet replied “endless love towards this world and hate towards death”. Prophet used the word ‘hate’ not ‘fear’. Reluctance to refrain from worldly affections, dislike to return by ceasing everything and aversion to go back from our pleasure and snugness – these are the reasons for our hatred towards death.

Even so, we will have to face and accept death. We must have to journey with that ‘friend’. A journey without being accompanied by our dear ones and secluding ourselves from everything. How soon we get ready for it, that better will be our life thereafter.  For such people, death will not be the end of comforts, but will be the beginning.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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