Every Day is a Love Day!


“Which is the best moment in your life, my beloved?” She asked to her better half.
“That moment is yet to come”.
Immersed in the anxiety of not hearing her anticipated response, she asked again: “Hasn’t come yet? Then which would be that moment?”
“It’s that moment when I enter our home greeting you with Salaam’ and you welcome me replying to Salaam and with a beautiful smile on your face. That won’t be in this house but our house in the paradise”.

Ours is a life entwined with kinship and personal relationships. While those kinship are bestowed upon us by birth, personal relationships are built up later on. But, there is another relationship in our life which is more clinging to our heart than any other kinship or friendships. Indeed, that’s our better half-  the one who walks along in the journey of  our life, swaddled with concord and love.

‘Pairs’ – that’s how Quran describes them. Though there are umpteen beautiful words in Arabic with meaning ‘husband-wife’, Allah has specifically used ‘pairs’ (zouj). It also carries a meaning- ‘strung together to be one’. Similar to how different food items dissolve together when chewed in our mouth, wedding is the artistry by which two individuals with distinct habits and behaviors melt and merge into one. Those two are uniting to a loving bond which is elegant and intimate than any other relationships or kinship.


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Love is the entwining of hearts. It’s something which can never be described to a third person and a feeling beyond the alienability of words. Love is a joyful snugness which engraves in the walls of our hearts like a never ending fresh summer rain or a luring brisk spring.  It is the synonym of a bliss that deluges deep in the heart by sharing and relishing. It’s the intimacy that conceals a lot of meanings in each word and glance, but known to only those two. A serenity that never diminishes despite seeing and hearing many times. It’s a rare music that blossoms into a new rhythm within the strings of our soul.

There is an adage like this:

God created fire,
Man invented fire extinguisher
God poured love
Man invented wedding!

This adage is truthful only if love dies with wedding. The stance of Islam that every love affair must sprout after wedding makes this saying futile. The ones who love their better halves would be most fortunate and blissful. Those who fail to love their spouse would be unhappy and agitated.

The ‘stringing of hearts’ are essential in between couples. For that, the only way and criterion is love. It is the happiness and love which is lost when wealth and beauty become the criteria.


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Prophet (PBUH) has enunciated that wealth, beauty and family status should not be criteria for choosing a partner. What would be the reason…? Suppose a partner is acquired over the beauty, would his/her craving for ‘beauty’ ends with that? No, but it tends to multiply. Quran exemplified couples to clothing. (2:187). What a charming example! Doesn’t it carry a meaningful message for our era? There is no other secret to conceal in front of our clothing which itself conceals our secrets. Still, how many husbands/wives are out there who are not disturbed while leaving their mobile phones with partner?

The sorrow of new era is that love is not flowering in between couples. Why is the love that must be blossomed between couples devastates with the concurrence called wedding? The main reason is the devastation of faith in our minds. Almighty Allah has promised that He will fill with love in those who unite with piousness in the shade of Him. (30:21). Or it is a mercy from Allah. When it is only the spouse who provides enjoyment to eyes and lives deep in the heart,  when it’s the remembrance of her/him which blocks us from all false gazes and when it is the spouse who becomes the carrier of our dreams and presence in our supplications… that mercy (of Allah) will be with us.

Dua for pious family

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Allah has ordained to supplicate “Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.” (25 : 74)

Isn’t this the affection which can never be arisen towards anyone else in this world? When we love our spouse and when the spouse becomes our only  lover, indeed every day will become a love day.

Significane of Love in Islam

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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