Breath of our life- Beloved Prophet (PBUH)


Swahabas are returning after the battle of Uhud. Yonder on the path awaits them a lady, who belongs to Banu Dinar tribe. Intense anxiety shadowed on her face. Many of her relatives had headed for battle- including her husband, father and brother. What would have happened to them- alive or martyred?

It was a very dreadful tiding that awaited her. Her three intimates have embraced martyrdom. Would she be able to endure this pungent grief? – the warriors pondered. How to convey this heart-wrenching tiding to her?
Let’s not convey all three martyrdom at a go; let’s inform one by one. “Dear sister, your husband has accorded martyrdom”. Has darling sweetheart been lost? She dismayed. Bridling her grief, she asked : “What’s up with Allah’s Messenger? Is he alright?”
“Dear sister, your father has also surrendered to martyrdom.” Have lost caring and loving dad! She felt a twinge in heart. Nothing has happened to our Prophet, right?” – She asked.
“Sister, your brother is also slain.”
“Yet, you haven’t answered my concern, what happened to my Prophet?  Isn’t he safe?”
“Sister, by grace of Allah, he is safe and doing well. Nothing wrong has happened to him.”
“But, I won’t be convinced it unless I see him. Could you let me see him?” They let her see Prophet(PBUH) and she saw him eyeful. With her eyes bedewing in the loss of her close ones whilst sparkling in the gladness of regaining Prophet, she told “No, never my Prophet, if you are sheltered, this women doesn’t worry about anything else, every other hardship is trivial.” (Ibnu Hisham, Azeerathu Nabaviyya 3:105)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the historic juncture after Prophet (PBUH)’s flight to Madina from Mecca.  Inhabitants of Madina were ecstatic  in outpouring happiness about arrival of Prophet to their land. It is a priceless fortune that has been bestowed upon them. They bustled in offering hospitality, presenting gifts and providing him amenities. Many buzzed him with numerous gifts. Poor Um Sulaim (RA), immensely longed to present a gift to the Prophet (PBUH). But she was left with nothing. She pondered over in seclusion and  grieved. Finally she found a way out. Aha, let me do that!

She could not wait, hustled to Prophet (PBUH) along with her 10 year old son. “O Messenger! Everyone is bestowing you with splendid gifts. I deeply hanker, too. This is my son, Anas, my asset, the soul of my life.  Please accept him. Let him be with you as your drudge and menial. Please do not refuse. Verily accept him. Supplicate for him dear Prophet”. Prophet (PBUH)affectionately accepted that gift and supplicated for him. Since then till end of Prophet’s life, he abided with Prophet. Became an eminent scholar and the teacher of Sunnah for numerous generations- Anas Bin Malik (RA)! (Al-iswaba 4:442)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These are the reminiscence of pious predecessors, who engraved love of Prophet (PBUH) on the walls of their hearts. Their immense affection towards Prophet(PBUH) molded them to embrace any circumstances. He was the soul of their life. Sacrificed everything they loved for their loving Prophet. Accepted Prophet’s sayings and orders without doubt. Such is essential for the perfection of faith- Quran enunciated (4:65). They perceived he speaks only what Allah has revealed (53:3,4) and realized the danger in acting against Prophet’s words (24:63). Allah’s messenger told “None of you will truly believe until he believes that which I came with” (Bukhari, Syed Sulaiman Nadvi mentioned in his book Rahe Amal) and one will not taste the sweetness of faith until he makes Allah and His Messenger more beloved to himself than anything else”. (Bukhaari, Muslim and others)

We owe to relish that sweetness. Let that Prophet (PBUH) be the beauty of our hearts! Let his words blossom as the warmth of our souls. Let those messages sparkle through our ways. Beloved Prophet is our lamp. Let’s spank the darkness and follow that light.

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English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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