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Even if the rain pours heavily, water never gets into a procumbent pot, only an open pot gets filled. The reason why “rain” showered from Almighty Allah never enters a few hearts is not different from this. What if a blind man is given a dazzling lamp! Noble Quran is the fresh rain and aurora from Allah and is a never withering flower shower.  That rain is not merely meant to get drenched. It must pervade deep into our bosoms.

Allah has characterized Quran as the manifest light. [4:174]. Light is an absolute truth. It’s the absence of visible light that we call DARKNESS. The era that lacked the enlightenment of Islam is called as ‘jahiliyyah’ (Days of Ignorance). Then, has jahiliyyah been ceased? No, wherever Islam has not reached yet, it is Jahiliyya that is prevailing there. To the Companion of Prophet (PBUH) who called Bilal (RA) “son of black woman“, Prophet (PBUH) responded “Jahiliyya is still remaining in you!”. Therefore, Jahiliyyah is not an era but a situation. That situation might repeat anytime and anywhere, even inside our minds. Qur’an is the only solution to eradicate the stains of Jahiliyyath.


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To the mankind who lives in the midst of numerous lights, Almighty Allah talks about the ‘real’ light.  To the ‘well dressed’ He talked about the raiment of righteousness [7:26]. Even if it is illuminated all around us, the lack of ‘real’ inner light will spread darkness inside us. Similar to how one appears shameless without the raiment of righteousness despite being well-dressed. How do we read a prescription from our doctor? With little interest, right? But, how do we read a letter from our beloved one? With outpouring love we read it over and again and preciously keep it. We memorize it by reading again and again. This is how Quran- the message from Allah, must be read, with boundless affection and abiding quest.

How Sahabas were reading Quran?  Ibn Mas`ood narrated in a Hadhees: “When anyone of us learned ten verses of the Quran, he did not proceed further unless he had known what they meant and what action they demanded” [Baihaqy-sunanul qubra 3:170]. Merciful Lord has granted us Quran because of His immense love towards us. Who are those who yield tremendous affection from Allah? Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “Amongst mankind are the People of Allah.” Who are they O Prophet of Allah? “They are the People of the Quran-(they are) the People of Allah”. [Nasaee qubura 80:31]
There is a powerful monition by Ibn Masud: “The Quran was revealed to you to act upon. So translate your recitation into action. There are men among you who recite the Quran from first to last and do not omit a single word therefrom but they do not translate it into action”[ Ihya Ulum-id-din 1:275].

translate your recitations to actions Amongst us, those who have never read Quran are very less. Everyday, we enter into it. Despite spending longer hours with those verses, many of us return empty handed. “Had we sent down this Quran on a mountain, verily,thou wouldn’t have seen it humble itself and cleave asunder for the fear of God”[Quran 59:21] Even so,why our hearts do not get trembled?  Tabraani and Ibn A’bbaas reported that Prophet (PBUH) said “Verily, any person who does not have any Quran in his heart is like an empty house” (Hakim 1:554). In an empty house termites build mounds, spiders weave tangled web, dirt heaps up and reptiles creep in. In the dwellings where the beauty and light of Qur’an has not reached yet, dirt and darkness abide.

Heart without Quran is like an empty house
There are evident differences between sixth century and modern world. World has totally changed. But all these changes are outside and dirt and darkness in our hearts are only increasing. No matter how much it is illuminated around us, it’s our inner blaze that is significant. Did you know, due to grave poverty no lamps were lit in Prophet (PBUH)’s house for forty nights. Yet, the same Prophet (PBUH) sparkled as a blazing lamp for the entire mankind.

Qur’an is not only intended to render reward by mere recitation. Why were Arabs given The Book in their mother tongue? This Great Book is meant to learn, ponder over and practice. When asked to do ‘salat’ Prophet (PBUH) began it. But when he was asked to ‘read’ he wasn’t able to because the ‘reading’ isn’t mere ‘recitation’ in regards to Qur’an.
What if we are holding a golden lamp when we are in darkness? It is useful only if it emits light. Qur’an is the golden lamp bestowed upon us. How much brightness do we cherish from it to secure ourselves from all kinds of darkness? Has it empowered us to tear away the darkness of our bosoms? Ask it to our hearts where the memorized verses of Qur’an lay asleep. If we lit that lamp (Qur’an), our inner impurities will be flamed.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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