Oh, unnecessarily I suspected!

Once Ayesha (RA) woke up in the middle of night and found Prophet (PBUH) who slept besides her was missing. Lying there, her thoughts about Prophet (PBUH) wandered. “Where might have he gone?” Many answers flashed through her mind. As she got up and walked out of the house in search of Prophet, a while ahead she saw a silhouette. When she watched carefully, the face became as clear as radiance of the moon- beloved Prophet (PBUH)! The Messenger of Allah, our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) was supplicating at the graveyard of Baqi’. Ayesha (RA) returned back home after seeing this and realizing that all her doubts were unnecessary. (Incident described in Sahih Muslim Book 4: Hadith: 2127)

suspicionMost of the suspicions end in this manner. Heart often wrenches when we know the truth. “Oh, I needlessly doubted”- how many times we have declared this so far and how many times we would be saying the same in the future? We tend to suspect our family members, friends, kith and kin and even organizational leaders, for own found reasons or with others’ influences. Once we start suspecting, we tend to get more and more ‘evidences’ to support our suspicion. At the end, when we realize that everything was just ‘doubts’, our minds would have drifted far apart from each other.

People often seem to be busy with forgiving and seeking forgiveness (from everyone) when they are bedridden due to illness or old age. My Dearest friends, why do procrastinate all these till then? Let everything be done, right at this moment!  From spouses, neighbors, siblings to parents and children, there are many who stay away and live apart owing to needless doubts? Many of these issues can be resolved if conversed each other with an open mind, or if a matured mediator intervenes. Instead, many us think it is ok to leave those torn relationships as is, since they chose to remain that way!

resolving people issuesBe it a family affair or a societal one, when conflicts and disputes occur, those who will be blamed and doubted most usually are the ones who worked righteously and wished for goodness. Yesterday, he would have lived for the people who accuse him today. In search of flaws, even the virtues he had done would be weighed in the scale of suspicions. Is there anything which is more painful and unbearable than blaming us for the virtues we offered?

The exhortation of Prophet that if you have a negative impression about someone, don’t inquire more about it later, should be analyzed deeply. “Sometimes a victim of robbery will become so suspicious [of everyone around him] that he will become more sinful than the thief” (Hadith – Bukhari’s Book of Manners #1294). “Avoid suspicion, for suspicion is the gravest lie in talk” (Sahih Muslim Book 32, 6214). These sayings of Prophet (PBUH) are the best medicine for the illness of unnecessary doubts in our minds.

Suspicion is lieThe eyes that see only goodness are among the greatest blessings. When our hearts are meant to think only good about everyone and wish for it, how do guessing, suspicion and futile thoughts sprout from them?  What’s the use if you pray five times, with your hands tied above the heart,  but that heart is not pure? Never forget that our Prophet (PBUH) has not prayed even a single raka’ by carrying a heart fraught with envy, hatred, pride and doubts.  “Thinking good is an Ibaada (worship)” – (Ibnu Hibban 632).

The way of Prophet was such that even if there are numerous things to doubt someone,  never to have any bad thoughts about him. Doesn’t Quran remind us to ignore ill feelings about any persons as lies and to supplicate for him?

Why did not the believers – men and women – when ye heard of the affair,- put the best construction on it in their own minds and say, “This (charge) is an obvious lie”? (Qura’n 24:12)

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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