Breeze of Solace in Burning Pain…


Urwah bin Zubair (RA) was a famous Companion of Prophet (Peace be upon him) and a profound scholar of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). He, who was blessed with immense knowledge, was tested by countless trials and tribulations. His leg was infected with gangrene- a fatal disease. He pacified the searing pain with the power of supplication. Physicians recommended to amputate his leg as there was no other remedy for the disease. He had to accept their recommendation owing to the unbearably burning pain.

As the day arrived for his leg to be removed, the physician came with a sedative medicine.. What is this for? Urwah (RA) asked. “To make you unconscious! You will not feel the pain then”. Physician’s reply made Urwah (RA) angry. “To make me unconscious? Then I don’t need this medicine! My heart is filled with the remembrance of my Lord. He is my strength and power. You may remove my leg, isn’t that all you need to do?”

The Physician was surprised. He amputated Urwah’s (RA) leg without any sedation. Praises of Allah reverberated on Urwah’s (RA) mind and tongue. Night fell and another sad tiding reached him- one of his sons fell off the horse and died. Two awful ordeals as far as a man is concerned. Loss of an organ and a son, both on the same day!

Urwah (RA) wished to see the amputated leg for the last time. Physicians handed over the still-bleeding leg to him. Looking at the leg, with a trembling heart he said: “O my leg, you are going to heaven. I swear by the One Who mounted me on you, I haven’t committed any sin with your help. By pressing your toes on earth, I haven’t walked into any wrongdoings. But I have walked into the house of Allah without bothering whether it was day or night, sunny or raining…”

That night, he supplicated deep down from his heart “O Lord! How Merciful You are! From birth till now how many organs You gave me! But You have taken only one back so far. You gave me six children, but You have recalled only one. You are Merciful and Loving”. (Incident mentioned in `Uddat as-sabirin wa dhakhirat ash-shakirin’ by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah and ‘Hayat Al sahaba’)

’Patience’ is a beautiful word that is easy to utter and advice but difficult to reflect on own life. When the light of hope dims and ambitions fade, most of us stagger in the way of life. Lucky are the ones who are able to heal these blistering wounds with the medicine of patience, but very few of us have gained that power – the power to soothe the burning life with patience. The spine of patience is the unswerving faith in Allah. Quran assures us heaven in return for our patience -  the greatest gift from Allah!

Patience_Quran_2: 155Allah is there with those who are patient (…Indeed, Allah is with the patient – Quran 8:46); Allah, who saved Ibrahim (Alaihi Salaam) from the fire pit of Namrood , Ayyoob (AS) from severe disease, Moosa (AS) from Farova and Muhammed (PBUH) from the hostile forces!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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