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Islam envisages an eternal success for the mankind in the Hereafter.  All the beliefs, worships, practices and morals of Islam are focused at this haven.  At the same time, Qur’an enunciates that one who habituates to the way of Islam would taste  its benefits  in this worldly life as well.

A life filled with peace and harmony, a sound mind and a healthy body are evidences of those benefits. Besides these, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) taught us about another benefit- an ‘acceptance’ that we would gain on earth.

“It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him) said: “When Allah loves a person, He calls Jibreel (AS) and says: ‘I love So and so, so love him.’ So Jibreel loves him, then he calls out to the people of Heaven, ‘Allah loves So and so, so love him.’ So the people of  Heaven love him and he finds acceptance on earth…” (Part of a Hadith in Riyaadhu swaliheen – Book 1, Hadith 387)

Hadith on acceptance one gains on earth

Quran has mentioned that angels can interfere in our life. They constantly supplicate for the forgiveness of righteous people and their admission to paradise. Qur’an has described angels as ‘Ibaadhun Mukramoon’ (Honored slaves). It’s a great fortune for a believer to have included in their prayers.

… Rather, they are [but] honored servants. They cannot precede Him in word, and they act by His command. [Qur'an 21/26-27]

Through above Hadith Prophet (PBUH) teaches us another great benefit. ‘The acceptance on earth’ mentioned there is the exalted status of a  person in which no harm will be caused to him regardless of being accepted or abandoned, praised or denounced by the people. To achieve this, the only qualification required is obtaining the favor and satisfaction of Allah in everything we do. This is very easy to practice. Ensure that Allah is there with us in everything we do and we are with Him. We should wholeheartedly accept the ‘Imaan/faith’ bestowed upon us by Allah, the Almighty, due to His abundant Mercy and we should be proud of it.

In Qur’an, we can see a list of things that Allah likes and dislikes (in His slaves). He likes virtue, purity of mind and body, remorse, uprightness, compromising, patience, piety, ‘Thavakkul’ (reliance upon Allah), Jihad (striving in Allah’s cause) etc. He dislikes pride, disbelief, ingratitude, crimes, injustice, treachery, violence, prodigality, amour-propre, destructive thoughts, disobedience etc.

Even if we strive our best by utilizing the worldly options available for us, we may not necessarily win the hearts of everyone in the town,  because no one will be able to evaluate our sincerity and intentions in true sense. There are people who gain nothing but blames and disgrace despite toiling for the benefit of the society throughout their lifetime. Status and designations accredited by the society is not a measure of acceptance one obtained in this world. At times, while striving to preserve our status in the society, we might even lose the acceptance in front of Allah.

On the other hand, if we are able to get the acceptance of  He who owns the Heaven and His angels, it will reflect everywhere on earth. Angels are closer to Allah than men and are more in number than the people who lived on earth and yet to live. It’s a great fortune for an individual to be able to get the love and respect of these angels. Such are people who will be able to live all accepted, outliving the contempt and disregards from society. If we are able to ponder over how would we face the Day of Resurrection rather than focusing on how to withstand the criticism of people, it will be easy to obtain love and favors from Allah and His Angels.

Translation of article written by Dr. Jamaludheen Farooqi  filed under Guest Articles.

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