Disagree, but Respect!


Through verse 29 of chapter 40, Qur’an says that believers will be compassionate amongst each other. Believers are those who have believed in Allah in its true sense, followed Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and embraced and practiced the morals and conducts of Islam. A part of above verse is talking about the affection, compassion and care that should bloom among the believers. While Qur’an depicts the entire mankind as descendants of one dad and mom, it specifically characterizes believers as ‘brothers’.

quran 49/10

The Believers are but a single Brotherhood: So make peace and reconciliation between your two  (contending) brothers; and fear Allah, that ye may receive Mercy. [Qur'an 49:10].

Mu’mins – children of same parents strung together in the rope of Iman (faith) - should be characterized by prodigious closeness and affection.

Embracing  the faith of Islam alone does not guarantee that we are freed from all humanly mistakes and flaws. Natural flaws and humanly lapses can emerge from anyone, anytime. Allah teaches us that among the heirs of Qur’an, the believers,  there are people who abide in the different levels of faith. (Qur’an 39:32)

Allah, the Most Compassionate has much abundant mercy to bestow upon the entire mankind. We need to seriously heed that the divine compassion is referred as ‘Rahmath’ in Qur’an and the same word is used to refer to the desired compassion between believers. This indicates the significance of mercy  and compassion that must prevail in the hearts of believers. There must not be any place for anger, hatred or revenge within them.

Sadly, we can see a very painful tendency growing among the believers today. Many people are insulting, abusing and exposing the minor defects of other believers merely because they differ in minor ideological interpretations. This will badly affect the existence and enthusiasm of many daw’ah units and workers and thus the unity of ummah. The fake preachers who have not acquired the authentic Islamic knowledge but committed to inhibit quarrel between the believers, will definitely bring forth massive devastation to the Muslim society, the Ummah of Prophet (PBUH)!

No one among us is perfect. The practicing believers constitute a family and there can be weaknesses and lapses which are humanly. Without realizing this,  if believers are arguing and fighting to prove that ”only my learning and understandings are true”  that is not desirable for them. In the matters of Deen we can never force anyone that they must follow only the same scholar (what we suggest) especially in the subjects which are ijthihaada (interpretations allowed). Difference of opinion is natural, but we need to DISAGREE by preserving utmost respect and esteem. Only those with a sound and vast heart can behave decently despite  disagreements. Mean people will be conquered by pride and arrogance.  Destruction made by such people to Islamic society is very serious.

Islamic history is indeed the best teacher. We can see in history how enemies were  misusing the jurisprudential interpretations and stances  of Usman (RA) to swarm people against him. Usman (RA) ‘s opinions were the fruit of his learning and researches. His inferences were his findings. His opinion was that we must pray all raka’s in Mina during Hajj. He spoiled all Qur’an copies which were found to have discrepancies, occurred while copying  into books. He cut the duration of Hakkim bin Abil Aas’s punishment who was expelled by prophet (PBUH) and brought him back to the country.

To misinterpret  such governmental and jurisprudential stances of Usman (RA) and  to gather Muslims against him, Jews found one among the believers who could initiate a riot among Muslims- Abdullah bin Saba’. He was a new muslim from san’aeel, who embraced Islam at the time of Usman (RA). But the hidden intentions and toils of that hypocritical believer was to divide the Ummah and destroy Islam. He was successful in uniting men against Kalifa Usman (RA).

Rioters gathered around Usman(RA)’s house; Hafiqi spanked Kalifa with an iron rod. Shoved Qur’an with his feet and blood gushed over Qur’an. Khalifa fainted; His wife’s hands fell apart on her attempt to to defend against Thajeebi who rushed to kill Khalifa with a sharp sword. Thajeebi spanked Khalifa and he was slain. During the final moments, Amr bin Haqm whacked on his chest six times and yelled ” three of these are for Allah, and rest to cease the revenge which was burning inside me for such a long”. Umair bin Lamir jumped over his body and crushed his bones… (Thareeq thwabri 6:3946-3048)

Yes, history had witnessed the painful devastation caused to the ummah due to absurd deed of a people who exaggerated minor interpretational conflicts and stances. We must fight against falsehood by befriending virtues.  Only the righteousness will prevail and win. Hence, we must hold on to the righteous path.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud.

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