Best Deed Under Sky!


Which is the best deed under sky?  Well, you may be having many answers in mind. In my opinion, the best deed under sky is preaching the religion of Allah, the Glorious! Haven’t been into any better deed, which is more satisfying and heart touching than this. The contentment that we experience, when learning and practicing the beautiful message of Allah at our level best and then passing that to other hearts, yearning only for Allah’s satisfaction, is beyond comparison.

Call to the path of Allah with wisdom and fair exhortation- Quran

Qur’an asks us to call people to the right path with wisdom and fair exhortation. “Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, and reason with them in the better way.… [Qur'an 16:125]”. If one can’t attain these two qualities, his aim may not be achieved. To whomever we are preaching, the flawless affection towards him and thereby a heartfelt intention for his betterment in the hereafter, must be the core of our Da’wah (preaching). Otherwise, it would just remain as meaningless blabbering.

We do have umpteen organizations and numerous Da’wah activities are happening around the globe, everyday. Yet, why are they not always reaching the desired destination? – this is something that we must ponder over! There are two basic problems. Firstly; many times preachers are failing to give clear and logical answer for the questions they are asked. Secondly, many people fail to practice in their own life what they preach to others.

Though it is very beautiful and precious, very practical and useful and being preached by countless people, the number of people embracing Islam is fairly less (compared to the toils). It’s been portrayed as the religion of oppression and prohibitions. Why is it so? Because, there are many flaws in the hands of people who preach it. Their words and behaviors are not pleasing but arrogant. This is something we must heed cautiously.

We must not ignore our surroundings- our neighbors, colleagues, classmates, co-passengers, roommates, friends… etc whoever we come across would need to be preached about Islam. If they die, without knowing and understanding the reality and truthfulness of Islam, who would be held accountable for? No one but we. Those Daees (preachers) who leave their family, friends, neighbors and dear ones and move to far places for Da’wah, also need to realize this. Preaching should be done first to our near ones, neighbors etc much before we travel towards another area, to preach.  Why do we forget that?

The word Da’wah literally means  ‘invite’. Invitation is not yelling, oppressing, attacking, disputing or debating. It’s the way of peace. Da’wah should be ‘with peace’, in every sense. It must be a tranquil transition from the heart of preacher to the heart of preached.

Companions of Prophet (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him) had been given guidance and training. They learned the way and method of Da’wah from beloved Prophet (PBUH).  They traveled to many places for Da’wah. Their preaching was effective because they were given ‘Tharbiya’- proper guidance and training.

Many preachers in modern societies lack this proper knowledge and guidance. The moral code of Da’wah will not change over time. Because it constitutes the core of our Deen (religion) – the Noble Qur’an and Sunnah. But, method of Da’wah is not constant. The felicity of a preacher lies in his ability to effectively utilize and adopt every modern media and platforms for ‘Da’wah’, as long as those are not against the teaching of Qur’an and Sunnah.  Da’wah, without understanding the changing environments would remain as a futile blabbering.

What must be the core of our message? What are we suppose to handover? – We are often confused at this, aren’t we? It must be the message of Noble Quran  that we must pass on- no doubt on this! Da’wah should be the analysis and sharing of the messages from Qur’an.

Qur’an is the conversation of Allah to mankind. Therefore, it could bring in divine and unknown effects on human minds. Let your non-Muslim friend listen to the verses of Qur’an and explain him its underlying meaning and worthiness joining it with the issues of modern era- it might shake his heart.

Knowledge is the weapon of a preacher. Da’wah without knowledge will be incomplete. But, anyone who has embraced Islam has the duty to transfer the message of Islam, in the best level possible for him. We can see in a Hadith reported by Thabrani that Prophet of Allah, ordered the Al Ash’ari tribal members to share the message of Islam and good advices to their neighbors who were being rude in behavior. People of Al Ash’ari, who lacked solid knowledge were startled to know that they were given the duty to preach. But Prophet (PBUH) repeatedly asked them to do Da’wah to their neighbors.

In our society, the religious knowledge is concentrated into a selected ‘group’ of people. Often, we are forgetting the fact that Da’wah is the prime responsibility of every Muslim. Fear! Fear that our ignorance and laziness in knowing and performing the duty and purpose of our life would make us speechless, tomorrow, when questioned in front of Allah.

We must always be in preparation to do Da’wah. Our writings, reading, journeys, privacy.. etc. everything should be focused on Da’wah as well. Even when we read a simple novel or short story, we must ponder over to find out how we can utilize it in doing ‘Da’wah’. We must bring in Islam in our own life and must grow an appealing and pleasant personality and behaviors. We must not have any trait, which would keep people away from us. Da’wah is not only talking in a stage or in front of a big audience. Everything, everything we do to share the message of Allah is Da’wah. Prophet Nuh (AS) says to Allah as mentioned in Qur’an:He said, “My Lord, indeed I invited my people [to truth] night and day (Qur’an 71: 5)” . This means that in whatever things he involved during day and night, he preached the message of truth.


Spreading the message of Allah, is a lofty deed- it’s an incomparable accomplishment of our responsibility. That’s one of the best thing we could do for the mankind. This may be the reason why Prophet (PBUH) taught: ...If Allah guides aright even one person through you that is better for you than to possess the most valuable of the camels (Sahih Muslim Book 031, Hadith Number 5918).  Yes, this is indeed the best deed under the sky!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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