Feel Ramadan – 10) Crying eyes are not far

There is story about a companion of Prophet (Many peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Before eating food, he would get out of house and give some portions of food for the birds and cats out there. When he was asked about that, he reminded his friend, about the saying of prophet (PBUH). Didn’t prophet(PBUH) say “A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbor is hungry” (Al-Adab al-Mufrad Al-Bukhari IV – 61). I do not think that only humans are included when he mentioned hungry neighbor.

Look at the minds of the people who lived at the time of Prophet! (PBUH) There are so many golden stories from their life where they themselves starved but fed the hungry neighbor. The messenger of Allah fostered their minds such that their broad hearts could give utmost importance to others than their own welfare. He acquainted them to love every living being and the nature around them and thus he nurtured a lofty example of inimitable humanity. He advised to love, help and feed the neighbor even without bothering about their ideology or faith group.

There are numerous people around this globe, struggling through overwhelming ordeals. Though they can be seen, heard and very reachable, many people prefer not to reach them. In the same society where people spent millions to get a fancy number for their vehicle, there also live another bunch who wish for a few pennies to buy their medicine, food for one time or a good cloth and a small house to sleep…

When would we feel contentment in life? Is it when we spent our entire money, time and energy only for ourselves? If so, many people in this world would have been happy and contented. But, the reality is that most people are unhappy. Though they built huge walls for their house and block any grievance entering their house, from the neighborhood, most in our time are still not able to sleep blissfully.

Those who believe in the Most Merciful, deep from the heart, would not be able to ignore their responsibilities in this world. How can we love our lord the unseen, if we can’t see the grievance of people living under our eyelids?

‘Woe to the performers of salaah who pushes away the orphan and do not persuade to feed poor” (Qur’an 107: 2,3). Doesn’t Qur’an refer to such people? Those who strictly fulfill their obligation towards Allah on time , but ignore their responsibilities towards the people around, they are not only losers but are in the path of destruction.

While fasting we realize how much we love food and water. The real hungry people around the globe, do not have delicious food to eat at dusk. Rather they are helpless in front of the reality that they can not afford to serve a healthy dish at least once in a day for their kids. Those mothers around the globe, who covers the noses of their children, when the delicious smell of mouthwatering dish airs from neighborhood kitchen, let their helpless faces annoy our minds, during every Iftar.

Look, every drop of tear that we shed for ourselves is nothing more than a few drops of wasted water. But if it is shed for others, that’s the best of tears.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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