Feel Ramadan- 2) Change the Habits

Our mind is like a compass – it always points to one direction, the direction of virtue. It hates evil and gets annoyed when we commit sins. It truly enjoys virtues and inspires us to do more and more. We know from our experience that we cannot commit a sin but by cheating our own conscience.

Allah dislikes not those who commit sins but those who repeat their sins. Even when recounting the heirs of Paradise, Qur’an reminds that “who do not persists in what they have done” (Qur’an 3:135). Repeating-sins snow ball to bad habits. It is very common that sometimes we commit minor sins and trivialize it but later on, they will become part and parcel of our routine. At the end, we lament: “I tried my best but I could not get rid of it”.

We have a great lesson to learn from the history made by pious sahabas, in acquainting to the ways of virtue, by exterminating all bad habits from their within.They were much intimated by and indulged in their habits than we are. Those minds were hazed with consuming alcohol, fornication and bad habits. Superbly gallant is their memoir! The people who hastened to a blessed new life, inspired by their piousness and unswerving faith in Allah!

When they attained an unswerving faith in the Merciful Lord, it was their evil habits that were swerved. Those whose hands otherwise trembled if they miss liquors for one time were transformed into those who burst out if happen to miss one prayer in congregation. Those hands which once pleaded in front of idols, raged to demolish them. Those who outlived all laws and rules turned out to be the kalifas and governors, and the role models in practicing justice. Those who were not ashamed of committing sins even publicly did not dare to commit sins even in private, later. Those who once didn’t even believe that women have heart and soul, transformed to be respecting the greatness of femininity.

Those who sang “this life is for joy and enjoyment ” we’re metamorphosed to pious devotees who realized the wide meaning and value of time and life. By purging all the attitudes and evil habits that they we’re living with, their imaan could plant the seeds of empowerment, humanity and righteousness in them, instead.

They were those who were vindictive for generations, against their enemies. The miracle was that those who danced in the blood pool of their enemies were changed such that they did not dare to hurt even an ant. They realized that they are obliged to do nothing but virtues for every human and other living being on the face of earth. As they rectified their fanatic illusions and evil habits, they attained a rejuvenated, new life.

With their transformation to humans with humanity, they could inscribe a legend in golden letters. Only when our habits and styles change, we could transform as their real heirs.

Ramadan teaches us to reform our habits and styles. Ramadan is the worship which helps replace our sluggish life with a more cautious one. It teaches us the careful lessons to effectively utilize our time. Starving helps us realize that every second is precious. Ramadan showers the opportunities to fatten our backpack with virtues.

It multiplies the ways to purify our eyes, tongue and minds. It reminds that no act of goodness is trivial and every trivial sin is significant. It repeatedly admonish us to exterminate the weeds of evil habits from our day to day life and to sprinkle the kernels of good habits.

Blessed are those who could carry on at least one habit from Ramadan to rest of the life. Losers are those who could not get rid of at least one bad habit with the passage of Ramadan.

Let’s start the preparation for it from day 1.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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