Feel Ramadan- 3) As Sweet as ripen fruits


How do we shop fruits? We select only the good ones. If we use the same criterion for our words, glances, deeds and coteries our life also will become successful. We very well know to differentiate between virtues and vices. But vices lure and attract us. Our minds have the tendency to incline towards vices even when knowing it. And eventually our minds go astray.

Everywhere, if we move forward by evaluating the quality and standard, life will be as sweet as ripen fruits.

Always we are in the middle of choices. In whatever we see, hear, say, read and befriend, there are choices between virtues and vices. Even when we sit in front of computer and Internet, we have choices. Certainly, choices are there in spiritual ways as well. Where on this planet do we run out of choices?

Many times, the vices dressed in the suits of virtues allure us. Virtues and vices cannot take the same road- they are two extremes. One road is very beautiful. It has the glamour to lure our hearts. There are sights which would pour in coolness to our eyes. However, if we fall into the trap of that daunting beauty, we would end up in desperation. The way of truth, although it is not so appealing at first, the end would be marvelous. If we go through a beautiful road reaching our neighbours’ house, it won’t take us to our house.

Abstaining from sins is much difficult than doing virtues. We have experienced that we would require to put in more self-control and endurance to refrain from any sin. That is why some, though, they refrain from eating and drinking while fasting, fail to refrain from futile talks and sights.

We need many times imaan in our hearts to refrain from sins than what we require to indulge in virtues.

Let’s see the advice of renowned scholar Athiubin Abu Rabiha to his son: Beloved son, our pious predecessors never liked futile talks or deeds. They dedicated their every second to perform fruitful things. Recite Qur’an by understanding and perceiving it’s meaning. Read good books in plenty. Always Talk about virtues. Fight evils…

How to differentiate between right and wrong is a very old riddle. In fact, noble Qur’an is the perfect solution to this perplexing riddle.

Let’s wind up with a beautiful reminder from Qur’an

But as for he who feared the position of his Lord and prevented the soul from [unlawful] inclination, Then indeed, Paradise will be [his] refuge. (Qura’n 79: 40-41)

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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