Feel Ramadan- 4) Wrapped in affection…


Be like a honey bee-When it stings honey from flowers, it helps them for pollination in return. The love, recognition, respect, honor and good behavior which we expect from others, if we could reflect the same in our own attitudes, our personality would sparkle with splendor.

Those who pour in affection without hesitation would get love in return through unexpected ways.

A single word of appreciation, wrapped with affection, that we tell someone, would be more than enough for them to remember us affectionately, forever. A simple smile can reciprocate deep love that sometimes words fail to convey. By words adorned with respect, we can obtain a special place in everyone’s mind. The best reply one can give to enemies is affection. With that being the reply, even the intense animosity would melt away. This is what Qur’an taught us.

Ramadan is the time to foster our minds to accept and honor everyone. When we turn humble with the thirstiness, hunger and tiredness we feel through our fasting, it acts as the platform to train ourselves to accept and respect others like our brothers. One of the great lessons from prophet’s life was his mindset to understand others. That broad mind forgave those who tortured him in animosity and even when they returned in conciliation, later.

All he had was unconditional forgiving, to the slave Vahshi, who killed Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib, who was a gallant supporter to the prophet, to Hind who ordered Vahshi to kill, and to Khalid bin Waleed who incited the act.
Erasing all those painful memories, he loved them wholeheartedly. To the companion who requested the Prophet to supplicate against enemies, prophet reminded him: “I did not come to curse but to treat everyone with kindness”. How can we comprehend that enormous mind!

Prophet was teaching us that love and patience are the sharpest of weapons. Prophet Ibrahim(AS), who addressed his father as “dear father” despite being his enemy ideologically, was sharing the same priceless lesson.

There are numerous virtues inside us. We need to analyze whether we are utilizing them effectively or not. No benefit can be derived from an unread book. Even if it holds ideas that have a potential
to turn the world upside down, the book would bring no change. It is only when utilized effectively, the treasure it holds becomes invaluable. Love, care, kindness, honor, good behaviors etc. must be shared between everyone. It is their right from us. Only those who know to forget and forgive would live blissfully.

How should we accept those who enter our lives as spouse or friends? Accept them with all shortfalls they live with. Treat them like humans who would make mistakes. Then we will be able to forget and forgive anything and everything.

This may be the reason why people who can forgive make more coteries in life.

The famous philosopher socrates’s wife was cruel towards him. The day before his death, when he was asked for forgiveness, this is what he replied: dear, I had forgiven for all the cruelty and sorrow you had given to me. I have nothing but love towards you. Seeking or giving forgiveness is not needed in between us.

Only human beings have the capacity to forgive and forget, animals don’t. We owe to give forgiveness even to animals. 3 points from the famous 9 vasiyyas of Prophet are as follows: ” Forgive those who attacked you”, “reconnect the broken relations”, and “forgive those who hurt you with their words, objections and those who made you cry”. [Minhaj us saliheen 844]

Let’s forgive everyone who saddened us with words, hurt us with deeds, and made us cry!

How can we seek forgiveness to Allah if we can’t forgive others, right?

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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