Feel Ramadan – 8) Three Special Lessons

Time for Suhoor. Silently, they creep out of bed; should not interrupt the sleeping wee child! Carefully, they prepare food and serve. But, somehow that child hears the giggle of vessels and wakes up. Haven’t you seen some kids they are very eager to get up for Suhoor and obstinately keep fasting along with parents?

Those little tots who welcome Ramadan wholeheartedly, try to derive benefit out of blessed month by passionately joining their parents with tiny helping hands, zealously reciting Qur’an and energetically offering prayers! As the time passes, they feel tiredness and their energy diminishes. Upon seeing their stale face, empty belly, dried lips and tired body, how much affection their parents and siblings feel towards them! We all will feel full of love, kindness and sympathy towards such zealous kids, right? Indeed!

Dear brothers and sisters, similar way, there is someone who would feel boundless mercy, sympathy and love towards us, when He finds us fasting for His sake- indeed that is Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate! His love, mercy and sympathy are beyond the description of words. There is no moment in this world, without His abundant Mercy, kindness or Love being showered upon His slaves. He is the One who protects us, everyday, every moment and everywhere! Nothing but Mercy gushes from the Most Merciful towards His slaves.

His mercy is there even in making fasting compulsory upon His slaves. He wants us to leave the path we lived so far and embrace the most beautiful road of revering piety and everlasting virtues. The All Loving Lord, who doesn’t like to put burden on His slaves, made fasting compulsory because He wants his slaves to achieve the only ultimate aim of this life- Taqwa. This is what Qur’an has taught us. The first special lesson from Ramadan is the deep awareness about our Creator, the firm relationship with Him and the assurance about His everlasting affection towards His best slaves.

The second special lesson Ramadan teaches us, like we discussed before, is the piousness in our secret life. It is a golden opportunity to get rid of the adornments and distractions of the world outside and focus on renovating our secret life and inner purity. Qur’an recounts ‘Those who fear their Lord in secret’ as one of qualities of a true believer. Imaam Gazali describes the purpose of fasting as follows:

The object of fast is to anoint one with one of the divine attributes. That attributes. That attribute meaning is to be bereft of hunger and thirst and to follow the angels as far as possible being free from passion. The rank of a man is far more superior than that of a lover animal as he can control his passion by dint of his intellect, but his rank is lower than that of an angel as his passion is strong and he is tried by it. Angels are near God. (Ihya-ul-uloomidheen)

The third special lesson is that we get to learn the real Islamic life during Ramadan. Self control, patience, sympathy, kindness, charity giving, strictness and punctuality in the acts of worships, unity,  affection, watchfulness in expenditure, closeness with Masjid, tongues reverberating in Qur’anic verses, heartfelt supplications, and sincere thouba- that’s the complete Islamic life and that’s what we practice in Ramadan. This is how the life of a believer should be, always. The only extra act of worship in Ramadan is fasting- rest everything should be a part of our life even outside Ramadan. We are not ordered even a single extra rakat in Salah as a part of Ramadan. The difference between other days and Ramadan is that fasting teaches us good habits and conduct. It frees us from evil entanglements.

Those who continue with the life in Ramadan even after its departure, indeed those will be among the successful. Others, are the losers who lost the chance to attain Heaven even after witnessing one more blessed month in their life.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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