Would hardships bring paradise?

If mother of Prophet Isah (Jesus) (AS), Maryam, had carried and delivered him all in a single day, world would have praised it as a miracle. They would have referred her as a woman with divinity (special powers from God). No one would have thrown stones at her, isolated or accused her of wrongdoings.

Why did not Allah make this a miracle happening all in a single day?

That is the natural procedure Allah would carry out his decision. We can understand this fact from many mentions in Qur’an. If Allah decides to test His slave, that would occur in all normal and ordinary way- be it an ailment, hunger or fear- everything happens in its natural way. But, we have been completely wrong in perceiving this in real sense. A believer must comprehend that whatever Allah orders would certainly happen in his life and whatever happened in the past and present are as per the decrees of Allah. This comprehension is something which is possible only for a believer. Let’s see what Allah orders to the gallant warriors who fight with the enemies in the battlefield.

He says in Surah Thouba, verse 51:

Say: “Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us, He is our protector”, and on Allah let the Believers put their trust (Qura’n 9:51).

We need to comprehend that this verse is not only applicable for the warriors who fight against enemies, but it is also for the believers to declare on the face of every hardship and difficulty they come across in the battlefield of this mundane life, inspired by the fortitude acquired through their unswerving faith. Because, this is the stance of a believer- everything is from Allah, and everything happens according to His decree.

Why are believers tested? Why do even those pious believers are afflicted with hardships and calamities? – Many a time we ask this question to ourselves, right? Let’s see how Quran answers this:

Everyone is going to taste death, and We shall make a trial of you with evil and with good, and to Us you will be returned. (Qura’n 21:35).

And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.). Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.” (Qura’n 2:155-156)

Quran says that even Prophets were tested to the extent that they asked “when will Allah bestow his help”. This means, they have been through such dreadful afflictions and trials in life. That’s how the life of every Prophet was. No messenger of Allah has passed through the snugness of an easy and smooth life in this world.

Prophet Nuh (AS) , who had been deeply hurt for his people and son not accepting his dawah, Prophet Ibrahim (AS), who had been asked to slaughter the son whom he got after many years of hankering. Prophet Ayyub (AS), who had been abandoned by his family and was conquered by a rare disease, Prophet Moses (AS), who had to undergo a dreadful expatriate life and events, Prophet Yunus (AS), who had been thrown to the seabed and was eaten by a big fish, Prophet Yusuf(AS), who had been imprisoned for a long period of time, Prophet Yakub (AS) who lost his wee son, and Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessings of Allah upon him) who had to migrate from his homeland and had to live through dreadful trials, battles and even tasted failures. Yes, no Prophet had passed this world without any trials in life. Their unswerving trust upon Allah showered as the rain of solace for all of them. “I need nothing but Allah” , that declaration spawned the waves of elation within them.

The fortitude achieved through imaan gifted them with heads that would bow in front of nothing but Allah. Their faith trained them to face every pain with a sincere smile on lips. Their unswerving closeness to Allah, poured in the energy to fulfill the purpose of life. They were successful. They struggled hard to hold fast to their faith during trails and were patient in ailments, poverty, fear etc. Even their patience were tested.

Prophet (PBUH) had taught that if one remains patient for losing his eyesight, Allah would reward him with paradise. That difficulty will act as a reason for him to enter paradise. Isn’t it a best example to prove Allah’s abundant love to towards His slave? In a Hadith reported by Muslim we can see that any parent who remained patient at the death of his/her child, would be rewarded with paradise. See, if we stay patient, for Allah taking our beloved child back, by craving only for His pleasure, He would grant us paradise. Paradise is offered for those who remain patient at the demise of their spouse! Boundless mercy of our lord! Have we deeply understood this seamless compassion of Him?

Even that phase of life without any ailments or affliction are also some form of test from Allah. Thereby, He tests our humbleness, patience and gratitude.

The trials that Allah would give to his pious believers, to attain more rewards and to protect him from the impurity of his sins and prepare us for heaven, indicate the boundless mercy and love of Allah towards His slaves.

The heart of every believer would flounce with the craving to meet his Lord, The Merciful and to embrace His seamless mercy. That’s the symbol of a true believer. For such people, death won’t be bring forth fear in eyes. How can he fear death when he knows that it is not death but life is a bitter experience?

Every pain erases our sins. Every tear drop bring us virtues. Every uneasiness reminds us of another easiness. Every loss becomes the stepping stone to a gain. When we see a domicile being demolished, we know that someday a new and better structure will be built there. That is how life is. If so, will our pains bring forth success and thence paradise? Take a moment and think.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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