Eid – The Day of Greatness


After dedicating 30 nights and days only to seek the pleasure of Allah, the grand ending has hit our doorsteps. Eid is the day of great celebration of joy that fills in our hearts.

A sacred day, which brings forth all joy and enthusiasm of celebration within our hearts. For those who lose all lessons learned from Ramadan, with the arrival of Eid, indeed Eid is the day of failure . Our celebrations should be confined into the measure and boundaries of our ideology. Even in the ecstasy of a celebration, let hearts that never transgress boundaries be our greatest asset.

Eid is the day of greatness. The day when earth radiates with the exaltation for Allah. The reverberation of thakbeer which flows high in the air, is indeed a re-establishment of dedications for Allah. When we proclaim ‘Allah is exalted’ everything else becomes small in front of us. We realize that nothing is high in front of His Majesty. Through fasting, we proved that food and drinks are not big factors in our life. ,We learned that desires and whims are not the greatest things either. Our wealth, kids, family or home are not the biggest things in this life. When there is a day to come in which we will have to leave all these forever, how can they be the biggest things? Yes, our Creator, He is the Only Exalted. Our heads should lower like an ant, when we realize the splendor of His Majesty. That remembrance should gift us with bedewing eyes and weeping heart.

Eid is the celebration of both spiritual and worldly joys. It reflects the Islamic personality where both spiritual and worldly aspects are entwined in perfect manner. Fasting was a training to grow high from earth to heaven. Eid is a repetition of the same training.

It is the celebration of those who learned to grow their minds from ‘my own’ onto the wideness of the society. Our celebrations start only after ensuring a feastful day for everyone around us. Zakat-ul-fitr in fact teaches us a lesson which we can try to implement before every meal that we take. Not only our food, but the food of needy around us should also be a part of our thoughts. Quran taught us to break the husk of selfishness and plunge into the depths of social awareness.

By taking all good lessons and habits learned from Ramadan into a new life, pledging that there is no return to the old bad habits, throwing away all greediness and luxuries, befriending humbleness and simplicity, conquering everyone with love, and by acquiring a rejuvenated mind and humanity… Let’s celebrate this day of Eid!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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