Feel Ramadan – 28) A Mind Free of Hatred


A lady was reading a magazine keeping a pack of biscuit beside her. She was eating biscuits from that pack in between. Then she saw that another person is also eating from the same pack. She felt hatred to him and gazed at him, but he just did a smile back. When only one biscuit was left in the pack, he took it and offered her. She turned her face from him with a dislike. Only after he left the seat she realized that the pack of biscuit she was eating from was actually belonged to him. Her packet of biscuit is still there. And she was actually eating from his pack of biscuits. Though her face was lowered with shy and grief, the moments she felt hatred to that innocent person remained as an uncorrectable fault within her.

Hatred will pervert mind. As hatred in our mind towards a person increases, our mind will become more and more perverted. The moment we feel hatred towards a person, we will begin ruining ourselves . “Hate is a dead thing. Who of you would be a tomb?” Khaleel Jibran asks like this.

Prophet(PBUH) told about a swahaba that he is in heaven. All other swahabas gathered around him and asked for the reason. That swahaba replied only this. “I do not keep any hatred in my mind towards any. I sleep, wake up and live without keeping hatred towards anyone.”

We are the ones who should outpour love to all. Every human beings, animals, birds, plants, flowers etc. should taste the love from us. We should get a place in everyone’s mind with a simple smile. We should talk to each person very humbly. Even those who have seen us only once should never be able to forget us. No one is stranger to us in this world, but just left for us to get introduced. Though it is not easy to act in our life like this, we should try our best for this.

All virtues fill in if we think only good about everyone. We should nurture a mind that will never think badly about any one anytime. Prophet(PBUH) told: “Thinking good is an Ibaada (worship)” – (Ibnu Hibban 632). Generally deceases are contagious , not good health. Bad thoughts and fabricated news will spread fast. Bad prejudices will always take precedence. And thus we fail to understand many people rightly. Such mistakes will haunt us as uncorrectable faults.

Soorya Krishnamoorthy, a south Indian writer narrates a story of a father and a son in his autobiography “Murivukal”(“Wounds”). Both of them loved each other and they never wanted to be separated even for a short period. They used to roam around like friends. The father was an ill-tempered person and used to behave rudely to his son when he gets angry. One day, he bought a new car. After driving the car for the first time to their home, father decided to take his son out in the car. Meanwhile, the son scribbled something on the car, with an iron rod. The father got angry and brutally clobbered the son. Later, he realized that his son’s fingers are broken as a result of his beating. He took the son to a doctor, but no avail. Doctors affirmed that his fingers will never go back to normal. He wept bitterly thinking about his son. It is when he entered the car to cry in loneliness, he noticed what his son has written with the iron rod. He had written ‘I love my Pappa’.

This is a tragedy happened due to the lack of understanding each other. Many instances are in our minds where misunderstanding of a moment turned out to be the pains of an entire life time. Many examples are there in front of us where decisions taken in haste caused great sorrows. Our mistakes in understanding others will keep on wounding us. Definitely, once in this lifetime we will realize that the greatest tragedy of life is failing to identify those who really love us.

Let we be able to live without having hatred in our mind even for a moment. It is the best form of worship if we can go to bed, wake up and live without hating any one. We will not gain anything through hatred, but gain many through love. Fasting for a month should leave behind such noble characters in us!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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