Feel Ramadan– 13) Just need to cry!


An auction was going on in a shop that sells used items. Everything has been sold out except an old guitar. No one was interested in that worn out, broken guitar.  Auction was over and the consumers began to creep out from venue. A very old man entered the shop, he dusted the guitar, strung its chords and started playing it. A soothing music flowed from the guitar. Inspired by the music spreading across, people started to return to venue. They began bargaining for the guitar. The price suddenly raised up.

I shared the above story only to remind you about one important thing. Many things which we keep aside, judging them useless, can be made miraculously useful. Likewise, we must pay due attention in calling all those broken hearts, desperate beings and sinned brothers, back to a truthful and virtuous life. Besides introspecting about our spoilt time and life, we have the duty to call back everyone who has gone astray.

Qur’an is the compilation of inspiring divine verses. That Qur’an describes our Lord as the Most Merciful and the Oft-forgiving. There is no sin which can not be melted by heartfelt Thouba- repentance. Allah has promised that even if we have committed sins as big as the foams in an ocean, still there are ways to cleanse us from it. We are owed to heed this in our hearts as well as to share it with others. Verse No 31 of Surah Nisaa, portrays the boundless Mercy and Love of our Lord. A ladder to escape for those who have drowned in the flood of sins!

If you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden, We will remove from you your lesser sins and admit you to a noble entrance [into Paradise].  [Qur'an 4:31]

Numerous times, Qur’an reminds us that we do not need to be doubtful on the Mercy of Allah, which is spread across for all the living and non-living things in this universe. It also teaches us that Allah loves those who come back to righteousness, with sincere remorse. The gallant stories from the inspiring life lives of Sahabas teach us that, with candid supplications, arising from deepest of our hearts, even gravest sins would be forgiven. They were those who had slipped into polytheism, forgetting their real Lord, they were immersed in liquors, intoxications and immortality. When they walked back to the Lord, through the splendid ways of heartfelt repentance, The Most Merciful Allah opened them doors to the truthful path. Qur’an teaches that not only salah, but our strivings for the benefit of others and a life with kindness are the ways of repentance.

When a nomad asked Ali (RA) about repentance, his reply was like this:

Thouba consists of 6 things.

• remorse for sins committed in the past
• renewed performance of obligatory religious duties [faraid]
• providing compensation for acts of injustice
• seeking pardon from adversaries
• resolving never to repeat the offense
• dissolving your lower self in worshipful obedience to Allah, just as you caused it to grow in sinful disobedience, and making it taste the bitterness of obedience, just as you let it taste the sweetness of sinful acts of disobedience, until it comes to enjoy the sweetness and flavors of worshipful obedience.

The purpose of remorse is cleansing flaws occurred from humanly weaknesses,and bringing magnificence in repenter’s life. If all doors in this world are closed in front of us, the ways of remorse will still be open for us. Our Lord, The Most Compassionate is waiting for the remorse of His slaves. We do not need a mediator to open our bundles of sins in front of Him. His Mercy is boundless and He accepts and loves the righteous and repenters. He would not ignore any, nor will He ask us anything in return. We just need to open our minds and weep; everything will be cleared and cleaned. In Sha Allah!

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