Evils of False witnessing


Narrated Abu Bakra: The Prophet(PBUH) said thrice, “Should I inform you out the greatest of the great sins?” They said, “Yes, O Allah’s Apostle!” He said, “To join others in worship with Allah and to be undutiful to one’s parents.” The Prophet then sat up after he had been reclining (on a pillow) and said, “And I warn you against giving a false witness, and he kept on saying that warning till we thought he would not stop.(Sahih Bukhari Book 52, Hadith 18)

Bearing false witness, spreading fake news, submitting wrong testimonials, telling lies are sins related to each other. Believers should keep away from these habits. Prophet has included bearing false witness along with great sins like shirk (associating partners with Allah) and doing harm to parents. This itself signifies the severity of this vice.

‘Not to associate anything and anyone in worship with Allah’ means understanding the creator in real sense and then submitting all forms of worships only to Him. ‘Not to be undutiful to parents means keeping the sanctity of family relations. Prophet(PBUH) has told in another incident that the very first in strong and sacred relations is the relation with parents and the greatest obligation of a person is to his mother and then to his father.

The level of purity and moral uplift we should keep in social life is signified by ‘do not bear false witness’. It is one of the first norm of Islamic culture that one should not harm his fellow beings either by his words or through his deeds. We can see numerous mentions of this in Quran and Hadith. Not only with words or deeds, but even with a gesture or physical expressions a believer should not harm those who are his brothers and fellow beings.

Prophet(PBUH) told:
“It is enough evil for a Muslim to look down upon his (Muslim) brother.” (Muslim – Riyadussaliheen Book 18, Hadith 1574 )

“A believer is not vulgar in his argument, he does not taunt, curse, abuse or talk indecently.” (Tirmidhi)

“A Muslim is the one who avoids harming Believers with his tongue or his hands. And a Muhajir (an emigrant) is the one who gives up (abandons) all what Allah has forbidden.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 81:6563)

When explaining the traits of righteous believers, Allah tells in Qura’n – “And [they are] those who do not testify to falsehood, and when they pass near ill speech, they pass by with dignity” (Qura’n 25:72)

The importance Islam gives to the way a believer treats his fellow beings is significant from above verses.

A false witness may cause for innocent people being tortured and a verdict is falsified. Though those who bear a false witness will have a temporary gain in this world, it will definitely be a great cause for grief in the later life and hereafter.

Causes people to people relationships to fall apart, sprouts suspicions and divisions in society, innocent people getting tortured, lose of peace and tranquility, all these are the aftermaths of false witness and spreading false information in this world and this will surely cause for a great disaster in the world hereafter. Believers should be careful to stay away from such evils.

English rendering of article written by KPS Farooqi filed under Guest Articles

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