Do You Cry?


When the spikes of memories prick our minds, when sorrowful pages of past roll back, when the faces of demised dear ones flashes back and when sails of life meet storms and high-tide, our eyes often get wet. Some people cry quickly when thinking or narrating their hard times. They possess a simple mind. Some will not get their eyes wet even in the midst of great sorrows. They possess a strong mind.

Tears are the dewdrops of solace. It melts away the hard rocks of difficulties. In sorrowful moments, when we cry in front of our close ones telling everything, or when hearing the consoling words from them, the solace we feel would be incomparable. Not in front of many, our eyes will get filled. We do so because we will have that freedom with them. They will be a fresh rain of solace with a single word, ‘don’t cry….’. Such relationships are the good fortunes and light of this life.

Thus, some memories wet our eyes. Depending on the depth of relationship we have with them, our eyes get wet in front of some people. If so, which is the most important instance in which our eyes should get wet? In front of whom should we weep most?

No doubt – In front of the One, Who loves us the most, Who cares us the most, Who is there with us in all our sorrows and joys! And that is our Lord, Lord of the worlds. If it is some remembrance that makes our eyes wet, remembrance about Him should make our eyes wet. If we have the freedom to cry in front of any one, it’s while talking to Allah, we weep the most. Just think, Weren’t we in a state of complete nothingness? The hands writing these lines were not in this world a few years back. You, who read this were of no presence in this world. Creating sperm and ovum at two places and then bringing them together at one place, giving bones, flush and skin, housing securely and giving organs, He, the most Merciful Lord, brought us to this earth. He kept milk for us in the breast of our mother and many people around us to embrace us wholeheartedly. One day, we will close our eyes from this world. Many will cry for us on that day. Many should cry, that shows our success in this worldly life! But We, who came crying should go back smiling!

Allah is the One who provided us with everything. What’s our merit to receive all these blessings from Him? Do we really deserve them? Though we go astray from his path, He still cares for us. Though we sail far away from him, He never goes away from us. Merciful Lord, He awaits our return to Him, immersed in tears of repentance. Dear Ones, when we realize the vastness of that Mercy, when we realize the warmth of His overwhelming love, how our eyes can’t go wet?

Allah, He the One who knows me more than myself. Hem who knows a person more than his parents do. Our parents know a lot about us- our birth, our first step, our first word, our likes and dislikes, our habits.. but Allah knows us much more than them. He embraces us with Love. Heart of a believer should flourish with the thoughts about Him. We should renew those thoughts continuously and beautify them by removing the stains of vices from our thoughts. Greatest love towards Allah is the compulsion that nothing should be there in my life that He doesn’t like and the decision that His likes are my likes. Isn’t the closeness between persons are also like this? Likes of those who love each other will become alike.

Like the remembrance of Allah, His presence should make our eyes wet too. In the secrecy of prayer, when no one else is around, when we share our concerns with Allah, If we count the sins we committed, a believer will break in to tears,which will flow unknowingly. Allah likes that tear. It will give shades for them on the Day of Judgment. Prophet (peace be upon him) told that such people will never enter the hell as long as it is impossible to transfer a cow’s milk back to its udder once it’s been milked.

Read the book ‘Laa Thahsan’ by Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni. It details about 300 reasons why a believer should not cry at the trails of life. A believer should not cry in front of the trails of life. He should be routed firm even in the storms of calamities. He shouldn’t be like a leaf that can be carried away even by a breeze, and should be like a tree that cannot be tumbled even by a hurricane. But, when he meets his Lord in the solitary moments of day or night, he becomes a different person, drowned  in the tears like a child, regretting for the sins he committed, crying and raising his hands before his Lord. Believer who will not tremble in front of any one, will shiver in front of Allah. Imaan is that invisible force which makes him tremble. When a Imaan-lightened heart is full of remorse, it gets filled with tears. Imaan that guards a believer from shedding even a single drop of tear at worldly trails of life, makes him to shed tears in front of Allah. Dear ones, Do we possess such a strong Imaan? Think about it.

Look back for a while in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Evaluate ourselves. Stillness of death can kindle any time. Life is only a few breaths. Each second is an opportunity. We can succeed if we utilize it. Many things we have done has stained the book of our life. Repenting with wet eyes is the lotion to cleanse them. We cry when remembering some people, then let our eyes be full when remembering Allah also. We take the freedom and courage to cry in front of some people. Then, let the tears pour out from a remorseful heart in front of the only Protector. All stains will be washed away in it. Yes, tears pour in strength for a believer!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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