Dear Gaza, don’t cry!!!


Dear Gaza, you are not the tear drop of this cruel world, but it is just a nick name that the hypocrite or satanic militants espoused to defeat you and everyone who loves you dearly. In reality, you are an ideal role model for everyone who fights in the path of justice…Not just to a people but you are the bright sun shimmering over the crown of this world as the shining proof of a gallant resistance exhibited by a vigorous brotherhood. Yes, that’s you… Gaza, Then how can you cry?

Neither Satan nor his companions did give up on you till the day. How many times the wolves of colonial forces ripped blood out from your stout chest!!! And every time, from the warm blood deluged from your breast, you gave birth to thousands of prowess heros with the fire of bravery gushing through their veins. Didn’t you fill in boundless vivacity and stand stern like a rock in front of the merciless rages of those spineless colonial lobbyists??

Strive… Gaza… strive for your rights!!!

The blood flowing through your veins do enshrine the purity of a sacred parentage. Till today, never you let Satan or any of his companions to litter it. That is the History- the gallant history that stimulates the sparks of vivacity in our brains.

Gaza, the Zionist terrorists who invaded your land through atrocious deception are trying hard to conquer You. And to exterminate the Palestine children whom you gave birth to, whom you lullabied, and who are the breath and breathing of you!!!

Gaza, that’s nothing but a deluded whim of the heartless deceivers. A never attainable dream, indeed! Dear Gaza, You gave birth to gallant warriors who dream of martyrdom in the path of Lord and thus His forgiveness through their fights for justice. So, You don’t cry!!!

O Lord of worlds, the Most Merciful, the people of Palestine are those who were mercilessly driven out from their own land. These satanic wolves are not sparing anyone, including their women, innocent little buds, and the elderly who reached at the helpless stage of senility. O Lord, you have promised us that there is no barrier between the prayers of oppressed and You. This entire Islamic world, lift our hands towards You. We plead You. Bestow Your boundless mercy upon them. Lower them the wings of solace. O Lord, fill courage and energy in the minds of those suffering brothers and sisters. Shower upon them Your abundant Love. Never let them surrender in front of those deceiving Satans. O Lord, make them stay up in the crown of this world as an ever remembering exemplar for courageous warriors…

English rendering of article written by Navas bin Adam!

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