Tahajjud: The strength of a believer


Pin drop silence lingers all around. Hustle and bustle has faded out. In the tranquility of twilight, all have curled up under their blankets, slipped into deep sleep.

Getting quietly out of his cozy blanket, a believer makes ablution and silently, engrosses himself into a conversation with his Lord. Sun is still down, may be hours left to rise. Under the veil of night, he is immersed in prayers, long prostration, murmurings of sincere penitence… he opens up to his Merciful Lord. Imagine how delighted that heart would be at the dawn, seeing his new daybreak as a purified soul!

Tahajjud (long prayer in night) is a highly favored tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It’s the golden opportunity to strengthen one’s faith, to meditate down your mind, and to expunge your sins. The supplications and the Qur’an we recite during Tahajjud help us keep our faith and piety un-perforated, grow roots of belief deeper and stand strong.

Prophet (peace be upon him) used to recommend Tahajjud highly. He used to elaborate on its benefits in the life here and hereafter. In early periods of prophethood, Tahajjud was given prime importance. “And during a part of the night, pray Tahajjud beyond what is incumbent on you; maybe your Lord will raise you to a position of great glory” (Qur’an 17:79). This and many Qur’anic verses were instructions to the Prophet (peace be upon him) regarding Tahajjud.

Nothing beats Tahajjud when it comes to inner strength to a believer. The power and potential it provides is unimaginable and ineffable. Qur’an says that waking up from sleep in the midst of night helps to attain self-control and to better recite Qur’an.

Look at this hadeeth from our Prophet (peace be upon him): “Be vigilant in standing up [in prayer] at night for it was the practice of the pious before you. It is a means of gaining proximity to Allah Ta’ala, an expiation for transgressions and a barrier from sins.” [Tirmidhi].

For a caller to Islam, the moments of Tahajjud are a respite, and a strong rope to hold fast to. During Tahajjud, he gives his words and deeds a retrospect, shares his worries and concerns with Allah, eases the burden on his shoulder.

Only strong willed can wake up at a moment when mind and body refuses to leave cozy cushions of comfort, wandering in the dreamland of desires. In another reporting from Thabraani, Prophet (peace be upon him) says, “If one intents to offer Tahajjud, an Angel approaches him and tells : ‘its time up to wake up’. Pray and remember you Lord’. And the Satan comes and tells him, ‘Night is still young, sleep over for some more time. If you get up now for prayer, your eyes will turn red, you will grow weak, sleeplessness will eat up your vitality’. If this person follows Satan, he sleeps off without praying and the Satan urinates in his ears.”

My dear, for all this while, who were you following?

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud
Translated by Noufal PT

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  • salam this is such a lovely article… all the words are put very nicely… :-D

  • Athar aasif Ansari

    As salaam alaikum. Jazaak Allaah wa khair brother for wonderful thoughts sharing with us in regards to Tahajjud. By Allaah”s grace, I do offer tahajjud since last few years. Your current post is keeping me motivated in sha Allaah.

    I pray to Allaah ( SWT) to bless maximum of his slaves to offer this prayer. It was obligatory for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) and highly recommendable to his ummah. I have heard Allaah ( SWT ) comes to first level of sky ( heaven ) and ask his believer to seek forgiveness and ask any Du’a which can be answered.

    This is a great opportunity for a believer to extract rewards and blessings of Allaah ( SWT)

    Jazaak Allaah wa khair

    Athar Aasif Ansari

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