Feel Ramadan – Cuddle the Child


One morning, a man named Horge, who lived in a small town of Spain, fought with his son, Packo. He admonished the son excessively and went out. In the evening, he returned home and found his son missing. He wept in regret and realized how deeply he loved his son. He searched tediously, but no avail. At last, he went to a major commercial area in the street and pasted a note: “Dear Packo, come back home. I love you deeply. I will come here tomorrow morning. My dearest son, please come, I will wait for you!”

The next day, Horge reached the same spot to find seven children named Packo, waiting for him. All of them had abandoned homes, some or other time.  

Child abuse

Bawling of children are being heard from everywhere. The never ending lamentations of little ones who have been through intolerable torments in the life! We hear the dreadful stories where parents are brutally torturing their children. These bawls from homes where children are persecuted, at an adorable age where they should be relishing the sweetness of love and care, indeed give us a wild warning about a profound social devastation.

It’s a great blessing to own a mind that deluge with love. To be able to love the little buds fondly and answer their naive questions, we should be owning a pure heart. Think, how we respond to a little one who approaches us while we are at a busy work. Even if it takes only a few seconds to answer them, many of the parents are reluctant to do so. If we draw them closely, kiss on their forehead and rectify their question, a blissful smile will blossom on that cuddly cheeks. We would feel an indescribable bliss that can not be achieved otherwise.

We are the followers of Prophet Mohammed (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him), who loved kids dearly, longed to be in their tiny bits of happiness, taught us to kiss and boundlessly kissed the children, offered salah while holding children on his shoulders, curtailed his prayers upon hearing children cry, tried to be one by winking and playing with them whenever he met one… Besides carrying out the responsibility he was entrusted upon, he was able to find time for all these and thus he was a good friend of all children there. How nice it would be if we could preserve such a lovable mind toward every child, not just our own ones!

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