Feel Ramadan – Don’t forsake moments


After filling a glass pot with lemons guru asked “can we add anymore to this?”

No, there is no place left…” Replied his pupils.

He added few gooseberries and repeated his question.

“Certainly, no way” echoed his pupils.

He added some mustard seeds and poured a mug of water over it and said:

“Children, had I added all these things together, some of them might have fallen off. However, I added the biggest of these, the lemons, first, then gooseberries followed by mustard seeds and water to fill the gaps so that the pot could accommodate all of them well. This should remind you about utilizing your time.

If you are left with many things to do, don’t try to finish all of them at once. Rather, if you should prioritize and carry them out accordingly, you would be able to complete all of them successfully. Else, you would be left with some unfinished and a few untouched tasks.

This is a great idea to make our each day fruitful. Many a times, we would want to do many things but end up doing only a part of them. Many people fail even when they badly want to sway away from bad habits and indulge in good deeds. Qura’n encourages us to do few fruitful deeds perfectly than merely carrying out a lot of partly done tasks. In the surah “The Sovereignty” verse no. 2, Allah says: ” Who has created death and life, that He may test you which of you is best in deed. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving”

Rather than worrying over the number of deeds we perform, we should be worried about the quality of whatever we do.

The pot of our life will be filled with virtues, good thoughts and a truthful mind, if we read only good stuffs, see only good things, try to hear nothing but good matters, without longing for anything other than good, making only good friendships, without being reluctant to offer good deeds, and if our words, stances, food and wealth are in good ways. Then, we won’t have any time to spend idle. We will be vigilant about time. We would not forsake even a second for bad deeds.

Currently we are passing through the purity of an exquisite fortune. The days and nights of Ramadan are priceless. It’s important that we make best out of these moments by engrossing in fruitful deeds..

Opportunities won’t come always. In fact we say “opportunities” because they come rarely. Having got to live healthily through such an “opportunity” what are we able to amass? Lets evaluate this each night and day.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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