Feel Ramadan – Gardens are Awaiting!


There is a story about an Emperor. During a journey he happened to chip his finger while cutting a fruit. When he was wriggling with the searing pain, his preceptor consoled: “Don’t worry, it will be for your goodness”. However, the Emperor did not like it at all. Trembled with anger he pushed the preceptor to a barren well.

Next day, when the emperor was trying to come out from that dense forest, a group of tribal men incarcerated him. They were in search of a man to offer in human sacrifice. They tied him and presented him in front of their chieftain. He examined him throughout to find that the victim is missing a part of his finger. He declared that a handicapped will not be fit for the sacrifice and freed the emperor. Suddenly, the emperor remembered the words of his preceptor. He ran towards the barren well, explained the incident to the preceptor and apologized for his mistake. Surprisingly, the preceptor replied: “You don’t need to beg apology, Your Majesty! It was a boon for me that you pushed me here. Otherwise they would have sacrificed me instead of you!”

When we realize that everything that happens to us is as per the will and decision of Allah, the Most merciful, we will be able to live with fortitude. Nothing will happen unnecessarily – everything that happens is either a cause or a completion of something else. Our grieves, pains, hardships, ailments, failures.. all are like that. Those could be the ground stones of fortunes that are built only for us.

Have a look at things happening around us. It rains and stops, plants grows, flowers blossom and wither, leaves fall, plants wither… how many things are happening!! We never get annoyed at any of these. Because all these happen daily and naturally. Many of us fail to comprehend that in the same “natural” manner things are occuring in our lives, too. Things that happen in the lifespan of a tree is what happens in our lives too in a different way. Along with that we get an elegant ending.

We often say “it happened accidentally”. However, in reality nothing happens “accidentally”. Our birth on this earth, life so far, and even the trivial things occurred to us as seemingly “accidental” are not just accidental. All these are the precise decisions of the Most Benevolent, the One who knows what is best for us. The final good fortune would be ours if we dwell in supplications, hopes and smile at all the grieves believing only good will happen, freed from all anxieties and recklessness.

Quran mentions this happy tiding in 11th and 12th verses of the chapter “The Event”. “These will be those Nearest to Allah, In Gardens of Bliss” (56: 11-12). ”

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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