Feel Ramadan – Losses weren’t detrimental


I could not sleep yesterday either. The pain was intolerable. Why is Allah making me suffer like this? I have never hurt anyone in my life, intentionally. I did not cause a difficulty to anyone. Yet, why am I going through these torments? Allah would have planned some goodness in everything, right? 

I don’t have much dreams for this life. Should work as much as possible and bring my children up, give them education and send my little girl to nursery, all dressed up in new clothes. I don’t think, I will be able to do any of these. I can not even move my leg a bit, nor can I gulp a sip of water. No one would have ever endured this harrowing pain…

This is just one of those thousands of families who endure in the torments of life. She is just one among thousands of patients who have befriended nothing other than the moments wrapped in heart wrenching ailments. Those who do not have any dream, hope and fortune! Those who are destined to come across unpleasant things always. Finding food for one time is a big deal for them. So do with their medicines. 

Those decayed houses and helpless children are not afar from us, rather they live very closer. The four year old daughter of aforementioned lady was sitting beside the bed, patting on her mom’s ailing hands. We went speechless in front of that withered little face. Through the thorny ways of tears, she is beginning her journey of life, detached from laughs and plays that kids of her age indulge in.

Meeting such people lights small lanterns of realization in our minds. Often, we whine that we have lost many things in life. We weep for the things we lost or never achieved despite our craving or hard work. Go and visit those live with such ailments. Then we will realize whatever we perceived as “lost” were never been real losses of life.

This life is not a big phenomenon. It’s just a duration of breathing, with a few countable breaths between the bridge of birth and death, amidst a handful of happiness, grieves, gains, losses, ties… Within these our life also ends. Through childhood, teenage and youth slowly lingering to senility and ailments.  This life is a few drops of rain water that spilled from the hollow of one’s hands. Distresses befall on us, even though we never long for.

Dr. Mustafa As-Siba’i, prominent scholar and social reformer from Syria says: 

“Visit a prison at least once in your lifetime, you will get to know the value of freedom that Allah has given you. Visit a court once in your lifespan, you will get to learn the value of justice that Allah has given you. Visit a hospital once in a month, you will get to realize the blessing of your health that Allah has given you. Visit a garden once a week, you can enjoy the beauty of this nature which Allah has made for you. Visit a library once in a day, you will realize the value of thinking power that Allah has given you. Each moment, be in strong relationship with Allah, you will realize the blessings he bestowed up on your life.”



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