Feel Ramadan – Like a Lotus Flower!


He was a good writer. Spending whole of his time, he wrote a book, but no publishers were ready to take it up. He pleaded in front of many; however all of them denied it mercilessly. In despair, he threw the entire bundle of papers to dustbin. Seeing this, his wife mustered all the papers back from the bin and unwrinkled them. She was very confident about her husband’s potential. The next day during breakfast, she placed the manuscripts in front of him and said affectionately ” look, you have a lot to give to this world. So, don’t give up. I am confident that there will be someone who is ready to publish this. All you have to do is find him out.

That writer was Norman Vincent peel. Even today he is known by that book.

“The Power of Positive Things” that was the amazing book regained from dustbin, which attracted millions of readers. This is one of the famous title among the most inspiring books.

Sometimes, things would turn upside down in a rebound at the last moment. A mere re-consideration could completely rebuilt our paths. And we should be able to apply the same re-consideration at an individual level too.

A simple rethinking can bring a deteriorated mind back to the warmth of Mercy from the Lord. We should be able to offer a hand to such decayed lives in bringing them back to a meaningful life. The Lord of Worlds, The Most Compassionate, would forgive even if we have committed sins enough to fill this earth. A heartfelt supplication could wipe away any sin. He would forgive all sins from His Mercy. We’ve been said that there is no sin which can not be cleansed away with the tears of repentance. Even the stains of major sins would melt away with the purity of heartfelt repentance. Like a lotus flower which blooms from the muddy water, thus, our lives also will blossom.

Each vice is a defiance towards the Most Merciful. Each evil we commit would be the blocking thorns and walls on our way towards Him. How could we reach Him without demolishing those walls? The only way forward is Repentance.

Let’s demolish those forts with heart-touching supplications, loving demeanor and sincere toils.

Surah Nisah, Verse 31, says it all: If you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden, We will remove from you your lesser sins and admit you to a noble entrance [into Paradise].

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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