Feel Ramadan – Let the stream flow upwards!


“The Gift of the Magi” is a very famous short story written by O Henry. It’s about a husband and a wife who buy special gifts on the Christmas eve for each other. The wife sells her long beautiful hair and buys a gorgeous strap for her husband’s wrist watch. Fully unaware of this, the husband sells his wrist watch and buys some expensive hair accessories for her. When both of them find out what has happened, they realize how far they are willing to go to show their love for each other, and how priceless their love really is.

Words fall short to inscribe certain “love”… such would be so deep and heartfelt beyond one could ever explain to another. We all cherish a few such relationships in our lives. Any obstacle will be easier to overcome when we do things for them. We would set out even at the middle of night when it is relating to them. Even if they don’t allow, we would insist back. Even the walk under the sizzling sun will not tire us when it is done for them. Our heart would stumble in joy when we expect them or when we reach them.

The word “love” itself is elegant! There is nothing better to give and earn than pure love. There is no better gift or revenge that weighs above love. Be it conquering a rival or attracting a detached one or pacifying a hard-hearted, there is no better remedy than “love”. Yet, there are a few around us who fail to comprehend this mesmerism of love. They haven’t given love to anyone. They conceal the mines of love inside them and live their life with an astringent outlook… big losers!!!

The love enshrined in us is a precious treasure that has many claimants. It’s a fortune that must be apportioned among many. Never make anyone whine that he/she was never given from it. Part it delicately, without abating anyone’s share.

Whom are we loving the most at this moment? Touch your heart and ask! For whom are we bearing all hardships happily? For whom are we losing our sleep with no whines? For whom are we spending our time without even a silly complaint? When we find answers to these, we will find the one who earns our love the most!

Another Ramadan has been bestowed on us to comprehend our love for the Most Merciful, the Lord of the Worlds and to divert the streams of our “love” towards that Compassionate Creator. Let’s fulfill that purpose before this special guest leaves us. In Sha Allah!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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