Feel Ramadan – Preserve at least one virtue!


There were two brothers; the elder was a heavy drunkard and the younger one was a famous business man. The elder one would come home fully drunk and torture his wife and children. He owned no social status either. Whereas, his younger brother grew his small business to a huge one. He exerted special enthusiasm in finding and helping the unfortunate around him and in serving the society. He won the hearts of crowd. His social status grew day by day.

Someone tried to dig out how the children of same parents live such a contradicting life. He approached the alcoholic brother first and inquired : “Who motivated you to choose such a lifestyle?” Reply came immediately “the life of my dad. He used to come home drunk all the time and tortured our mom and us. Eventually I adopted his habits. What else I could have done?”

The man then approached the younger brother and repeated his question and was answered like this: “my dad’s life made me what I am today. He used to come home drunk and torture us. I had sworn that I would never be like him.”

We live among people who have got diverse demeanors. There are diversity in behaviors and habits. What we decide to choose among these would eventually determine our destiny in the life thereafter. Many around us, like our children, friends etc might be exemplifying us. Thus, we have to analyze if we do preserve any virtue which could be followed by others?

Success is when we are able to accomplish at least one virtue which makes us distinct. There is no novelty or peculiarity in being just one among a crowd. We should be able to become that distinct personality whom the crowd look forward to.

This explicitness we would attain through self control and self rejuvenation is our personality.It is a treasure that we acquire by subjugating our tongue from many things that it would want to yell out, by abstaining from many things that our mind insists to involve in, by straying away from a selected few who come to build coterie, by exemplifying good people and by taking the life forward through good habits.

In chapter 68, The Pen, verse 4, Qur’an distinguishes prophet Mohammed as follows: “And verily, you are on an exalted standard of character.”

Prophet (peace be upon him) was able to attain a complete discipline, self control and a loving mind through his unswerving faith about Allah and his promptitude in the acts of worship. As we hold on to the same faith and the promptness in performing the acts of worship, shouldn’t we be analyzing how good is our character?

In a hadith narrated by Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), Prophet (peace be upon him) tells about good character. “By his good character a believer will attain the degree of one who prays during the night and fasts during the day“.(Abu Dawud 4780)

The individuality of any person is defined by his character, decency and demeanor. In this Ramadan, let’s strive to attain at least one virtue in us, worthy to be exemplified.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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