Feel Ramadan – Relish Again and Again


There was a King who loved paintings. Once he invited the very famous artist of his country and ordered him to draw a picture of a very rarely seen bird.

Days and months passed by. Whenever inquired about the picture the artist replied :”I am Still drawing it”. The enraged King finally appointed some spies and they found nothing but a plain canvas in the artist’s room. They conveyed this to the King. Yet, the King controlled his anger and continued his await.

Finally, the artist called everyone to his room. The King and his companions set off to see the painting. Artist fixed his canvas on a board and covered it with a clothe and began drawing. In fifteen minutes the artist finished his painting- a mind-blowing picture! Ecstatically, the King acquired the unparalleled composition and asked: “If you could draw it so quickly, why did you delay it all these days?” The artist opened his drawer and produced bundles of drawings. The feathers, wings, feet, nails, eyes, beak etc of the bird, numerous pictures of each. He was watching all those and was training himself to draw the best. At the end, he was able to draw an elegant picture swiftly.

We are suppose to exert more care in making our deeds best. We have this watchfulness in all mundane things. When we build a house or simply, even when we buy a pen we yearn for the best. When we bring the same yearning in the deeds we perform, they will start getting better.

Ramadan is the training period to indulge in good deeds by trying to reduce flaws as much as possible. Because fasting is a very personal act of worship and no one can see another person’s fasting, only our sincerity can make it flawless. It’s possible that sincerity could be deteriorated in performing Salah or other acts of worships which are seeable by others.So, we are asked to be very vigilant in those. And we are warned that if we are performing with the intention to show others, it would not be acceptable in front of Allah.

How many times we taste the food that we prepare for the guest?  Again and again, to ensure that the spice, sour, salt or sweetness is just perfect, not more or less. We can not taste it after it’s served on the dining table. We need to have the same recheck while we perform each act of worship. The delicacies we prepare for our meeting with the Most Exalted Lord, the One who is much higher than in status than our guests, should be revived constantly to make it flawless. Let’s make it perfect, in Sha Allah!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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