Feel Ramadan – Power of Patting!


The famous South Indian author, Vaikkom Muhammad Baheer, many times wrote that his proudly used to talk to his mom about the chance he got to “touch” Gandiji. Is it a big deal to just touch? What is obscured in a “touch”?

Watch how a doctor examines his patient. He is able to get information by touching on the patients veins. There is a magic obscured in his “touch”.

Look at a whining baby, how easily a baby stops crying and falls asleep in the snugness of his mother’s hands, while he won’t be that easy in the hands of others. Try consoling those distressed people by patting fondly, at least for a few moments they would feel relaxed. A word of applaud said with a tap on shoulder would be remembered for a lifetime. If someone pats on our back and consoles “don’t be lost” when we bend with the burden of afflictions, no doubt, a rain of tranquility will pour in within us. Sometimes, a “caring touch” can influence the strings of minds very positively.

Prophet (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) encouraged us to console the ailing people by patting on them. Prophet(PBUH) used to console the sick by patting on their hands, face and head. He was very keen in showing his fatherly love to his daughter Fathima (May Allah be pleased with her), even after she grew into a woman. Can you imagine about the loving husband in him who would kiss his wives whenever he leaves or enters home? The magic of touching would exterminate animosities and beautify relationships.

Prophet (PBUH) did not teach us to just greet others with a Salam and walk away. Rather, to shake hands and unite. The locking of hands along with greeting of salaam whispers that we do not keep any rivalry. There is no animosity which would fail to entwine in the snugness of a fondling touch. We owe to outpour love to everyone. Every of the human beings, other creatures, flowers and plantations should also get to relish the sweetness of our love. We must win hearts with an amiable smile. We owe to speak with every one with humbleness and simplicity.  We should gleam as a flawless reminiscence even in those who have met us only once. No one is a stranger, just need to realize that we haven’t got a chance to meet them. Well, all these are easier said than done. However, we must strive to be at least closer to these.

We should be able to care for the strangers like how we do for our brothers. On contrary, nowadays even the people within the families are behaving like strangers to each other. This is the case with many of the families around us. Even while walking close to close, they hesitate to exchange few words or an amiable smile or greet with sincere salaam. Many times, the relationship between dads and children are more prone to collapse. Ramadan is mean to revive those broken relationships and to reinvent our close bonds.

When we apply the magic of touching, our relationships will attain a new radiance. Now, introspect, how long it is been since I patted or kissed our mom, dad, kids, brother or sister?

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

Translation by : Feel Islam


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