Feel Ramadan – Watchfully the One!


A ship was sailing from India to Britain, loaded with goods. One night while in the midst of Ocean, it was engulfed by an unexpectedly formed dreadful cyclone, lost its navigation and collided with a reef, causing major devastation. Using all the lifeboats and planks available on board,  the sailors traversed through the ocean, aimlessly. After a long while, they hit on a sandbank to realize the presence of a shore. Shivering in the cold, they spent a whole night in that unknown shore. When the dawn broke, they understood that it was an island with dense forest. They stranded on that alien land, seeking for something to eat. Frantically, they learned that it was a small island with no human inhabitation and less than 3 km in circumference. 

There were no way out, thus they wandered through the forest. In between, they came across varieties of fruit trees and the fruits were tasting heavenly. Later on, they found pure water streams and cozy caves. They ate in full and dwelled in the cave. They thanked the Almighty gracefully for all the forms of shelter He has bestowed upon them. They abided there without any difficulty until a helicopter came for their rescue, after 2 weeks.

Haven’t we all faced at least an incident like this in our life? Haven’t we received an unexpected assistance, when we were drowning in the swamps of calamities? Such a benevolence which would bewilder us even today. Those are the moments that make us comprehend that beyond the boundaries of our imaginations, there is someone, The Most Exalted, who is watching and guarding everything very closely and carefully. Unfortunately, even after having gone through many such astounding events in life,  most of the human beings fail to elicit the remembrance of that Guarder.

Even if we yell “All Praises to You, My Lord”, with every breathe we take, it won’t fill even one percentage of our indebtedness towards Him. He is the One who invariably protects us with His boundless Mercy and Love. Despite the fact that we, the humans, forget to praise and continue living through ingratitude, He still forgives us. The Qur’an verse “Indeed mankind, to his Lord, is ungrateful.” [Qur'an: 100/6] should be interrogated in our lives.

We keep gratitude for a lifetime to some people who have helped us in this world. How much gratitude do we preserve for the One, who made our life splendid with small as well as giant blessings?

Do we have an answer for that Day when each and every blessing will be interrogated? 

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