Feel Ramadan – Will return empty handed!


“The Necklace” is a very famous short story by French author Guy de Maupassant about a husband, a clerk, and his voracious wife. She had bewildering dreams. She loved exquisite gowns and expensive jewelry. He never denied her longings. He strived to fulfill them.

Once they were invited for a party by his Minister. Rather than being happy about going for a glorious party, she hesitated to accompany because she did not have a suitable gown or jewelry to wear. Seeing his wife weep, he decided to use his all savings and bought her a gown. Thereafter, she demanded for a necklace to go with it. He had no choice other than asking her to lend it from her friend. She borrowed an elegant diamond necklace from her friend.

She was the prettiest woman at the party, the center of attraction and enjoyed it thoroughly. They got back home after the party and learnt that they had lost it. The next day they wandered through the jewelers in town and found something exactly like what they lent from her friend. It was too expensive for them and so he had to spent the possession that he inherited from his dad. Despite that they had to borrow a big amount, pay usury and thus ran into a huge debt.

She handed over the substitute to her friend and fled from the town, fearing that her friend will find it out. They spent ten years working hard to pay back the debt, doing all menial jobs and she got to know what heavy housework meant and the odious cares of the kitchen. After ten years, she bumped upon her friend one day and she revealed that she has been leading a poverty stricken life past many years since they met last time and the cause was being her friend. Her friend was astonished and she revealed the dismaying truth that her necklace was not original.

Miserable ending of voraciousness!

Greediness and amoral materialism are the root evils that the world face today. The never ending craving for money has in fact deceived human being. The yearn to amass wealth even by deceiving, hurting or killing anyone! Finally, a despair end to a discontent life!

Many of the scams, horrendous homicides and financial deceptions etc that we hear everyday, unwind the only underlying root cause – greediness.

Every moment, the  warning of Quran, The mutual rivalry for piling up of worldly things diverts you, until you visit the graveyards (102:1,2),  is being proven true.

Caliph Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) reminded us : “Like alcohol, there is intoxication in wealth.”

Man is delirious towards money and liquor such that he gets enslaved by their traps easily and find it cumbersome to unchain the ties.  Most of them fail to unshackle from these intoxications. Blessed are those who are freed from the engrossment of selfishness and greediness. We should supplicate to be blessed with a mind that  unhesitatingly shares every of our possessions with needy.

Our beloved Prophet ( may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), ate dried bread, slept in a torn mat, keeping his hand as pillow. Yet, these didn’t make him cry. However, the Prophet of Mercy (PBUH) burst into tears upon seeing a poverty stricken child. He swathed his eyes in distress upon seeing those who have been gravely affected by famine. A mind that breaks at the sorrows of others while belittling own afflictions, that was the gift Prophet has put forward for us.

The great king Alexander, who conquered the land from Europe till Sindhi, had his last wish like this…

“When you carry my coffin to the grave, you have to keep my both hands hanging out of coffin.  Let the world know that Alexander the great, who conquered the world, is returning with his hands empty, like a beggar.”

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