Feel Ramadan – Wings are not a burden


Once a biology teacher carried a cocoon (pupa) to the classroom to teach the life cycle of a butterfly. He asked them to wait for a few hours to watch the cocoon breaking and a butterfly emerging out. He particularly warned them not to help the butterfly when it struggles to come out of cocoon and walked out of the room.

The pupils waited anxiously. The cocoon began to move slowly. The butterfly began its arduous struggle to come out of the wrap. One of the pupil felt pity for the small butterfly and slowly broke the cocoon to help it come out. The butterfly came out and tried to move around, however, it died immediately. The teacher returned to find the grieving pupils. Learning what had happened, he said to the children: “See my children, the efforts that a butterfly exerts to emerge out from the cocoon in turn gives strength to its wings to fly thereafter. If you break the cocoon to help it come out, it won’t be able to fly. The initial difficulty helps in its future life. Anyways, leave it, you haven’t done it deliberately.”

If it’s the pain that a butterfly endure to emanate out of its pupa pours in energy for it to move forward, we are also somewhat similar to that. Behind the happiness one experience today, there are tales of the toils, troubles and famine he had lived in the past. We know that we can not gain something without losing anything. Though wings are a burden on the small body of birds, it helps them fly. The burdens and hardships will only help us excel. Happiness only comes for a visit, sorrows are our friends always. We may not be able to recall all happy moments in life but we hardly forget the sorrows we have been through. Those sorrows taught us what life is all about. Everyone who have been through distressful times in life knows very well that sorrows are the real experiences of life. Even a small bruise from a sorrow teaches us great messages. It is When a woman undergoes the excruciating pain of her life,  she would be blessed to have the ultimate happiness of her life – a child.

The torments endured in the beginning of the life of a butterfly wasn’t futile. There is a precise plan behind it. It’s the impeccable plans of it’s Creator. Such a planning is there behind every creation. For us, too. We and everything around us are the testament of the immaculate governance of an All- Loving, Creator. If we think like this, we will be able to swim out from the grieves,and the life will move without any worries. Look, only humans break their hearts at sorrows. No cat has ever committed suicide because it was not able to catch a rat despite umpteen tries. For it, the philosophy is, if it’s not today, trap one tomorrow. However, how many incidents we hear everyday about those who end their life without being able to withstand even a small failure. Often, don’t we perceive the plans of the Lord of Worlds with resentment?

May this Ramadan help us perceive the depth of capitulation and enslavement. To Pharoah, the defiant King,this was how Prophet Musa  said about God; “Our Lord is He Who gave unto everything its nature, then guided it aright” Qur’an (20:50)
<p style=”text-align: right;”><span style=”color: #993300;”><em>English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud</em></span></p>

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