Feel Ramadan – Beauty lies inside


From a Khalil Gibran story:

“Upon a day Beauty and Ugliness met on the shore of a sea. And they said to one another, ‘Let us bathe in the sea.’ Then they disrobed and swam in the waters. And after a while Ugliness came back to shore and garmented himself with the garments of Beauty and walked his way. And Beauty too came out of the sea, and found not her raiment, and she was too shy to be naked, therefore she dressed herself with the raiment of Ugliness. And Beauty walked her way. And to this very day men and women mistake the one for the other. Yet some there are who have beheld the face of Beauty, and they know her notwithstanding her garments. And some there be who know the face of Ugliness, and the cloth conceals him not from their eyes.”

Through aforementioned story, Khalil Gibran has presented a great vision about beauty. A beautiful body can not be attained through one’s talent or skill. To have an appealing body or admirable face should not be counted against a person’s achievement. There is no scope for any such claims for something which is purely innate. However, whatever one accomplishes through his toils, skills or knowledge indeed can be counted among his achievements and individuality. The “miss world” of a year usually loses the crown in the following year, because the criterion there is only the beauty of one’s body. If we try to gauge one’s individuality around his or her expensive raiment, indeed we will be fooled. Because anybody can attain an expensive raiment if he can pay some money.

Ramadan has been showed up to strengthen our concerns for mind, emancipated from the anxieties about our body. It’s a month we nurture our minds while letting our bodies starve.

We must be able to envisage the etiquette laid down by the religion as the greatest grandeur and accept it wholeheartedly. Islam has given precise directions in our dress code and body language. Islam has disposed the body languages in such a way that we will be able to win hearts of everyone. It reminded us not to keep stinginess in offering a simple smile either. A believers face should always be pleasant and bright. It should display simplicity such that no one should hesitate to approach us. It should be humble enough to consider and smiling enough to accommodate anyone. Islam has strongly encouraged in maintaining cleanliness and beauty. It exhorted us to be cautious about cleaning our inner selves rather than the stains of our body. It taught us many ways to cleanse our minds. It also warned us not to display the beauty of our body rather display the elegance and virtue of our minds to everyone. In essence,when we follow these instructions, we would turn beauty kings and queens. The beauty of our bodies will fade away with wrinkles, grey streaks or diseases. However, the beauty of our minds will never perish likewise. A lovable smile is an easy way to beautify our minds and faces.

Only those with a virtuous mind can attain an ever smiling face. Those who have planted the seeds of affection in inner selves, by exterminating the weeds, can accept others wholeheartedly. Only such people will be able to maintain a pleasant personality throughout their life. That’s the reason why Prophet mentioned smile as the symbol of a believer. We have learned from Qur’an, the Prayer of Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him), to include him in those who return to Allah with Qalbun Saleem, sound heart. (26:89)

Qalbun Saleem is a safe heart freed from all stains and weeds. There is no great fortune than owning the same. That means, our beauty is inside, not outside!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud

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