Breaking the Rules of a Country – Nothing Islamic about it? (Part 2)


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Following anti Islamic laws in a country:   

In the previous post, we have been discussing that it is the duty of a believer to abide by the laws manifested by a secular country for the best benefit of its society as long as they are not against islamic principles. However, it is a valid point to ponder over when the laws require a believer to deviate from the islamic principles. Let’s take India as an example. The complete ban on alcohol was the dream of the Father of India, and was included in the guidelines of the constitution. Unfortunately, it never happened! By law, it’s permitted to drink and trade liquors in India and many Western and Eastern countries. However, for a Muslim, any dealings with liquors are strictly prohibited (Quran 5:90-92). So, for a believer it’s not permitted to deal or trade with intoxicants abiding by the laws of the country, rather he owes to refrain from involving with it in any manner, bowing down to the commandments of Allah.

He can join hands with those who strive to get it banned in the country and conduct classes to enlighten the citizens about the evil effects of intoxications. However, he should completely refrain from dealing with intoxicants. He owes to raise his voice when intoxicants are served in the places where the laws of the country restricts it. Again, if a situation arise that the law wants him to consume alcohol forcefully, he should have the courage to break that law and fight for his right, under the label of his principles.

It is suicidal to stay away from everything related to the Government and social activities, just because they have permitted liquors in the country. In a secular country, if people of other principles believe that liquors are not haram and consume it, we as Muslims do not have to have concerns about that. However, our Imaan should work best here. A believer in such a set up needs to have a strong Imaan, to refrain from intoxicants when it’s available in plenty. We must enlighten believers in that manner.

Madina became alcohol free not just because Prophet (PBUH) banned it but because his followers comprehended the fact that intoxicants are evil and prohibited for them. By the law, many countries permit fornication with mutual consent. Only rape is considered as a crime. However, for a Muslim, this is not permissible for him under any circumstance. Preserving chastity is a crucial element of his belief.  For a believer, fornication is considered as one of major sins. Quran (24:2).

The stance of a believer is inscribed by the powerful commandment of Allah, through Quran: Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils) (Quran 17:32)
In most countries, the financial ground is built upon usury. The way of a believer is to refrain from anything that involves usury, in his possible manner.
O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers. (Quran 2:278)
There might arise situations where the believer might need to forcefully or unknowingly pass through the doors of usury. The best he can do is to be extremely cautious in his financial dealings.

In a nutshell, Imaan should drive a believer. The power of imaan will help one to trivialize everything else. While it is against islamic principles to forsake from the blessings of Allah in this world and seek only Akhira, he should not forsake his Akhira for the life in the world as well.

It’s jihad when one strives against the undesirable situations or the unlawful incitements one’s mind. A muslim is ought to get involved in the society as much as possible while refraining himself from everything that’s against Islam. That’s what Jihad in a social setup. Liquors, gambling, fornications, usury – a muslim society is the one which refrains from all these as a community. But, not to forget that many people in the Muslim Ummah are not actively involving in these. It’s again Jihad to enlighten them with the commandments of Allah and lead them to the way of a believer.

Yes, Jihad is the declaration of war- not against the society or other communities, but against decadences. Not with guns but with principles.
English rendering of article written by Abdul Jabbar, Islamic author from South India.


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    Assalamualaikum.your focus on such topics are good Mashallah and out of the box from what we are to expect from the usual lectures.good work.please keep it up.

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