Forget diseases!


About ten years ago, in 1989, I was feeling quite fit as I stepped into a lift. Glancing in the mirror, however, I noticed that one side of my neck was more swollen than the other. I suspected something serious. The same week I was ordered a biopsy, CT scan and the next week a bone-marrow test. The verdict was unmistakably- Malignant lymphoma.”

This is how R M Lala, a well known journalist begins his book “Celebration of the Cells”.

The book expounds his whole experiences with fighting a virulent disease and surviving it. Mr. Lala’s adventures affirm that through the tenacious faith in God and cogitative mindset we can confront any crisis in life.  He learned so much in his 10 years long tryst with the disease than from his whole 70 years of life, he writes. Those lessons can be found shattered at different places in the book and some of them are as below:

  • Go to the hospital as a celebration, not as an imposition. Take your best books and music tapes with you.
  • Don’t let the little things worry you.
  • Ask yourself what has He prepared for you to do. We can do a lot of good things, but will it not be a pity if we miss out on the one thing we are supposed to do? There is one unique thing only you can do – what you have been prepared for. God has a plan. You have a part.
  • Thank God that despite all my frailties, He has given me the strength to be faithful to the Highest I know. It seems I have never totally left God’s hands since  I found Him. Sometimes I have loosened three or four fingers, but the little one He has held firmly in His hands and I dared not to shake off His hold because it is so loving and I, in turn, love Him.
  • The problem of health lends a sharpness, a meaning and an urgency to my life which I did not possess when I floated in the world’s stream.
  • You have been wonderful to me, Lord. For what little I have been deprived of in life you have in turn heaped me with your loving kindness and other benefits. To rest in the arms of the Lord like a baby in the arms of its mother – trusting, secure.This body, dear Lord, belongs to you!
  • Be joyful always, pray all the times, be thankful in all circumstances. Live in order to please God. You are accountable to a Power higher than your own.
  • Thank You, dear Lord, for this day and for this gulmohur tree in full bloom in front of my fourth floor balcony, in line with my eyes! One flower can rejoice the heart. Nature is presenting me a splash of red on the crown of a large tree!You will give me health and allow me to function as long as You want me to. My job is to obey and do whatever is righteous in Thy sight.
  • My inner voice tells me ‘Don’t be a prickly bear with your wife’. When unwell, I tend to be so.
  • To recognize that life is larger than cancer – an annoying distraction (from accomplishing anything worthwhile). I treated it as a nuisance. And yet this nuisance has taught me things, altered my life and brought me closer to God – day by day, hour by hour.A thousand sermons could not have done what these renegade cells have in my life.You have done so much for me,Lord. Help me to serve you better. My love for you grows by the day.
  • I treat, He cures!

The words of R M Lala are truly inspiring and  enchanting. Some lose the battle with diseases while a very few win it.  Birds can fly high only when they hold their heavy wings closer to heart. Likewise, by confronting chronic diseases and crisis with a tenacious willpower one reaches high.

Forget diseases

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Let me unfold two incidents from my own experiences with people. I was inquiring a friend about his kid who was admitted in a hospital in a chronic state. “Doctors say that 99% the kid will not survive. Now, I am left with 1% which I leave to Allah”. See what he is leaving to Allah is just 1%.  Now another incident where a sister nearing labor was diagnosed on her last ultra sound scan that the baby is positioned in a  dangerous angle and her response to it was like this: “The One who rotates the planets in their orbits can indeed position my baby safely, anytime. ” For what she was said, Allah’s help reached her timely. That baby reached her hands miraculously.

Now, let us think. What is our stand when disasters befall on us? How do we mention Allah in our talks? We have to be extremely cautious in this regard. Like R M Lala wisely said “Forget the disease and be reminded of Him.”


English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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