Have you cuddled an orphan?


He let a sigh looking at the doctor’s prescription, inquired how much the entire medicine would cost at the chemist, and counted the money in his hand again and again. It wasn’t sufficient! Without anyone seeing, he put the cash back to his pocket, with full-eyes! Taking back the prescription, he wandered off!

Friends, how many people are there likewise! Those who live with hunger and afflictions take a toll on their life when ruthless diseases clout them… their only dream is about a small house to lay head… those go helpless in front of their children’s aliments… Have we ever gone searching for such people who never came to us? Did we fail to recognize that there are people around us living with a broken heart, without any enjoyments in this life like ours?

People who spend millions in bidding to buy fancy numbers for their new automobiles, those who drink million worth of liquor a day, those who spent another million in the name of sports or games, and who pay thousands for a meal, building homes for pompous…. Living amid these people, are we neglecting those people caught in misfortune?! Folks who fly to perform Hajj over and over, those who squander millions on marriage, who stuffs homes with luxury and who live a royal life, don’t those people whom we ought to seek also live around them?

Those sisters who lead a desolate life after their husband’s death, mothers who swathe their children’s eyes to avert from the pomposity of the life around and those who cry hopelessly when diseases carve them unexpectedly…

Those who conserve only tears to quench the fire of their hearts… Those who own nothing more than dripping homes and raining tears… People with no solution in hand even after thinking in all possible means they can! Aren’t they living so near to us?

Weren’t we among those who tried not to see them?

They would have been happy if they could wear the dress we dispose.
They would live for days with the food we threw to garbage.
They would be surprised to see our never used medicines.

During our plights to accomplish even trivial needs of the worldly life, have we ever tried to think about these unfortunate, who are not able to fulfill even their basic necessities?

Widows are the most unconsidered of all in our society. Unable to beg in front of people and living unable to bear the burdens of life alone. They are through to bear the burden of sorrows and responsibilities in life alone when their dear ones part with them on the way. Have we ever cared for the widows at least in our near families?

We know the importance of caring an orphan. Yet, have we ever cuddled an orphan?

The massive habitual conferences worth millions, colored striking banners, golden highlighted badges… It is essential that we need to think about all these resources we use for superfluous purpose can be handy for numerous numbers of people.

What Allah address about some of those people who perform regular prayers? “Woe to them” (Quran 107:4). Why?
Because even though they prayed regularly, they failed to look around. They never consider the appetite of the poor. They were never an aid for the sought.

These questions popped to my mind after witnessing the progress of an aid center in a village of South India. A small organization developed out of a few youth’s hard work. They perform their duties without any exposure. Their kind heart is the only subvention to hundreds of families today. This organization now sustains numerous orphans, poor widows, eternally ill, mentally ill and homeless. Even with several limitations they progress with enthusiasm.

They are touched with kindness from the skies since they are gracious towards the earth being. They have their own building, with a pharmacy, a clinic, library, more over a garment shop. Those neatly arranged piles of garments are not new. They were collected from different houses.

The daily supplies have been packed ready for distribution for the poor. They, on holidays, along with their families travel to the poor homes. Do their chore. Convey Islamic messages along with them, and hoard them from polytheistic rituals.

One of the man’s response should awaken our minds,

“Should we only be the preachers of eternal life for the poor, shouldn’t we be the preachers of this world too?”

People of this organization send their wives to assist the widows and care the orphans with the care of a mother and accommodate the old in their homes.

“If we have the mind, everything is possible, while planning for the next month’s task; we won’t have the finance for that. But Allah will somehow get it to us”: the words of these people.

They told a story, about a boy from a poor family. One day he went to school without wearing shirt. The others insulted him. He scribbled all over his body with a pen, and ran home weeping. He drew out an old tattered shirt from the pillow and went back to school. He is a prosperous man now. He visited this organization last day, and donated enough fund to buy new wear for a thousand.

Yes, it is easy for Allah! Even to switch a prosperous man to break. He is watching each one. He won’t let go of those who let the life take pleasure in. We value the importance of this life when we recognize that our wealth, health and time are also for others. We shouldn’t cry for us, but for others. We are ought to give at least to one what was given to us by many.

How can we love the invisible Lord, if we can’t love the visible people in front of us?

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