Like a delayed letter mail…


I was on a journey with my friend. Noticing the windowpane of a house, he admired,

“We should make a similar one for our Mosque”.

“Ok, but everyone comments alike for their house, not the mosque”. Being thoughtful for a moment, he re-joined, “yes! I did talk about my house, but the house I desire to get in paradise” my friend’s reaction did not just settle in my ears but wakened my thoughts.

Don’t we all forget to ponder like this in our busy life?

Life is like a delayed letter mail, gets over by the time mail is delivered. Juvenile, adolescent and youth pass away in a terrific pace. It will be over by the time we get to taste the ecstasy and sweetness. Brave are those who make the most of the flaring life with zest.

Life is like a delayed mail

Are you content with your conducts when looking back at the life? If then, that is it! Let there be slight aims to have more. Those considerations can enlighten the moment. You get to retire in satisfaction while leaving everything. Most people live hastily. There are certain vital things we need to focus on. We are yet to taste the fact about malady and demise. There is a day of departure as a corpse. We always forget to buy that single fabric while purchasing bag full of attires from textile outlets.

When did we forget that one day we are to be sent off concealed in it?

The advice given by Aamir Bin Al-Ãas (R), to his son when bed ridden was: “I have been through three phases. First I was a atheist. If I had perished then, I would have been an inhabitant of hell. The second stage was when I did ‘baiaat’ the Prophet(PBUH). I was filled with indignity that I could not even look at the Prophet(PBUH) with my eyes wide open. If I had died then, people would say, let there be good for Ãamir, he acquired his death with a life of good virtues. And then got involved in different affairs. But this helpless man cannot judge if they were right or wrong.” Then he turned towards the wall and started weeping. “Oh Allah! You demanded us! I betrayed it! I did what you outlawed. One can’t expect anything without your sympathy or compassion. I have no power, please help me, I am not guiltless, please forgive me. Just have prayers of….. Please forgive everything for me.

He mumbled this prayer till his death. His journey was fulfilling. He was a legend who bought the landscapes of both Palestine and Egypt under the flag of Islam.

Before his death, umar bin Abdul azeez (R) opined his sons: “Children, I have left out lot of good conducts for you. Each and every Muslim and non-Muslim passing by would tribute you. Children, you have two ways in front of you. Either you can become affluent and send your father to hell or you can scrap your wealth and send your father to heaven. I believe that your taste will be to save your father from hell than the wealth.

One of the seven great scholars of Medina, Qasim, was born at the end of Usman bin Affan’s(R) reign. Muhammed, son of Abu Backar(R), is his father, and his mother, daughter of the monarch of Qisrah. Ayisha (R) was Kasim’s custodian. He was a great scholar. He died after the age of 90, on the way for hajj. When he felt that his end was near, he told his son: “if I die, cover me in my prayer outfit. They did the same with my grandfather Abu Backer(R). Bury me in, leave the grave flat and return to your family. No one should visit my grave and decree he was this and he was that, I was nothing.”

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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