Children, a gift of Allah!


Once, An-Numan bin Bashir’s father took him to Prophet (May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) and said, “I have given a slave I had to this son of mine” The Prophet (PBUH) asked, “Have you given all your sons the like?” He replied “No”. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Then, take back your gift”. (Sahih Bukhari, Chapter 49, No. 770) Different narrations of it says that, Prophet (PBUH) denied to be witness to this gift and advised Numan bin Bashir’s father like this “Be afraid of Allah, and be just to your children” (Sahih Bukhari, Chapter 49, No. 770) and he added (mentioned in another narration), “Won’t you like all your children being nice to you?” when replied “yes” to this, Prophet (PBUH) said, “then, you shouldn’t do so”.

Children are one of the greatest blessings of Allah. Birth of a child is a celebration in any marriage. Those who are on years long wait to fondle a little one know its value, well. The presence and playfullness of little ones weaves the hearts of parents. And this is why the frisks and wags of little ones lights the diyas of hope and joy in many families.

children are gift

Children are like a ball of clay in the palms of parents. Parents decide how to mold this ball of clay. That means, with the presence and instructions from parents, they can be molded truthful and virtuous, who will turn out to be beneficial for their parents and society.

Life should be enjoyable; even when alternated with joys and sorrows, the inner sprouts of confidence and comfort should maintain it, flowing flawless. Such is the comfort hildren provide.

The name and glory of parents lives through their children. When children turn out to be immoral or go astray, the society often considers them ‘misguided’ and curses their parents for that vice.

Prophet (PBUH) taught us that for the virtues that are being passed on from one generation to the other, even the older generations will be rewarded from Allah. The love and kindness to children is not to be restricted to this world alone. The love that’s kept close to our heart should be useful for their success in the hereafter as well; that is the Islamic stand. That’s why Prophet (PBUH) advised us to instil good habits in them and make them practice those acts of worship. Due to over fondness, some parents do not make their children practice salah and fasting. In fact, such parents do not love their children. If you advise your children to follow Islamic dress code, that means you love your children.

Allah commands us in the Quran to supplicate for our parents “My Lord! bestow on them thy Mercy even as they cherished me in my childhood.” (Quran 17:24) “As they cherished me in childhood” – this contains the soul of its meaning. Remember, if children are not brought up as per Islamic teachings, this prayer would bite us back.

Prophet(PBUH) advised parents to exchange affection and to feed each other in front of their children. The indication here is very vast. For the parents who do not fight, but love and respect each other , their children will seldom turn out to be the opposite.

Those children who see their parents wake up in the middle of night and pray Tahajjud will not need lots of advice. How did the children of Sahabas’ turn out to be the propagators of Islam without even going to any religious schools?

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