Feel Ramadan- 1) The drizzle of supplications


How do newspapers report  the demise of eminent personalities? It will be covered with ample importance, flooding with condolences and recollection of their priceless doings. Sometimes, we read the story till end, but would not feel any twinge of grief or loss. However, when someone closer to us from our family, friends or relatives die, even  if it do not get featured in a newspaper, still that loss will create deep wounds in our minds. That means, it’s not the importance of died person but our closeness to him that matters in reality, isn’t it?

If so, when another Ramadan reaches the doorsteps, and later it leaves (in sha Allah), only those who have made a closer relationship and an unbreakable bond with Ramadan, will feel the real pain from its adieu. Those who have pledged for a new life, immersed in the teardrops of supplications and invocation, would never love to see a Ramadan vanishing behind the curtains. Like how the blood in our body gets purified at a central point, Ramadan is the point that purifies the stains of sins from our lives. Like how we plant new seeds in the soils after eliminating the pests and weeds, new sprouts of piety grow in the purified minds. Ramadan- it must intervene into our habits. It must be the season to throw away our bad habits and acquaint us into the ways of good habits.

Don’t you love the blossom of spring after snowy winter days? Plants get a new energy and life as spring comes along. Blessed are those who achieve similar rejuvenation and austere purification from Ramadan. Successful are those who could get rid of at least one bad habit and begin a new good habit during Ramadan…

Supplication – that is the soul of every ibadah. Supplications that originate from the bottom of hearts are the best opportunity to attain inner purification. Supplicate from the bottom of our hearts to the Lord, The Provider, who though tests those who plead,  will never forsake the pleaders.

Our sincere duas can show us way to there.

O Allah, I plead for your blessing, there is no deity worthy to worship than You. Allah, let everything related to me become best.  O Lord, make everything easy for me. Never forsake me even for blink of an eye.

O Lord, bless me to love things that You love…

O Lord, let everything that I like be for those, which You like.  Include me in those who love You wholeheartedly.

O Allah, bless me to remember You abundantly, be grateful to You and live always with a fear of You. O Allah give me the fortune to live with taqwa and turn to You with repentance. O Allah purify me from my sins and accept my repentance. O Allah, bestow me with steadfastness, make my tongue good and accept my duas.

Ya Allah, bestow up on me the fortune to do good deeds in abundance, stay away from wrongdoings and love poor people around me. Cleanse me from sins and shower upon me your boundless mercy. Guard me from all afflictions, The Protector…

I seek You for Your love and the love of people who love You in plenty. Guide me to the deeds, which would yield Your pleasure.

O Allah, cleanse me from all evils and flaws. Cleanse me from sins like how a white cloth is cleaned from its lingering filth.

O Allah, flourish affection and care within my heart. Show me the right path and lead me to light from darkness.  Forgive me for all the sins that I committed knowingly and unknowingly. Shower Your boundless blessings upon my spouse, kids and in my eyes and ears…

O Allah, clean my heart from hypocrisy, my deeds from  worldly show offs , my tongue from saying lies, and my eyes from transgression. You are the one who knows the lies of my eyes and whatever I concealed.

O Allah, help me to be contented in  what You have decided for me  and in everything that You have provided me.

O Lord, you know whatever I have concealed and revealed, so fix my lapses. O Lord You know my needs better than I do, so accept this supplication, O Provider.  O compassionate, do not block Your mercy due to the sins I have committed.  O Allah Your promises are true. Accept my duas, The All Hearing.

We are those who must abide in the strength and contentment that our supplications would out-pour. Let’s make our life worthy, by repeatedly retrospecting the ways we traveled and by taking careful steps through new ways. Let our Ramadan be the nights and days of pure supplications.

Abdul Wadud

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  • Farid Mohammed

    “only those who have made a closer relationship and an unbreakable bond with Ramadan, will feel the real pain from its adieu”, What a meaningful words!!! May Allah bless us to make Ramadan closer to us than ever

  • Nuha Fathima

    Let our Ramadfan be filled with Qura’n and prayers. May Allah bless us to benefit from this Ramadan. Jazakallh for this article

  • Wow thank you this is just what I have been looking for – great work.

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