Feel Ramadan – 11) Let’s forget sorrows


Had read a story of a little girl who was traveling in a train for the first time. All excited about the journey, she was giggling and running across the compartment. A wonderful journey by enjoying the scenic greenries and wide tillage. It is when she peeped through the window she saw that shocking scene. A river is flowing a bit away and the train is running towards it.

Her heart began to beat faster. As the train was nearing the river she was more and more frightened. That little heart could only imagine herself crying out for helping hands and drowning in the water. Suddenly she saw the train taking a beautiful and strong bridge built across the river. Every time she saw rivers she was frightened but everywhere someone had built strong bridges for the train to pass through. She continued all of her journeys without getting drenched in the river streams.

Many people have the mind of this little girl when any hardships befall on them. Their hearts wrench with unwanted anxieties and worries as if something dreadful is going to happen in life. This clearly shows the lack of firm and strong awareness about the Lord. If our awareness about Him is ‘just a belief’, we won’t be able to pass through the painful ordeals of life. Rather, how we believe that everything we see around is true and we have breath and life, if we can comprehend the belief in Allah, in the same way, we won’t fall flat in front of the trails of life.

Take a Look at the nature around us. It rains heavily and stops. Sunshine falls and leaves. Flowers blossom and wither. Leaves spike and fall off. Plants grow and fall apart. But no one really bothers to worry about all these, right? Why? Because we all know that these are common happenings in the nature around, the law of nature. If so, isn’t the same common law of nature is happening in our lives too?

Yes, happiness, grievance, sorrows, ailments, birth, death, success, failure, gains, losses…all these are part of very natural shadows of life.

To cook food items properly, it should be exposed to heat. In the same way, with the heat of tears and sufferings, our mind get molded into the shape it is suppose to be. Plants grow only if they get both sunshine and rain. If it is only sunshine plants will be withered and if only rain they will be putrefied. This is how the sorrows and hapinesses weave together our life.

A life without trails is like a school without learning. Nothing will be there to learn. Tortoises would have a long story to narrate about the ways they travelled, not rabbits. The fortitude attained by people who undergo severe hardships in life would be much more than the people who live an easy life.

Whatever befalls on us in this life are decreed by the Most Merciful Creator. To live a peaceful life through hardships, we must teach our minds that Allah is Most Merciful and would shower only mercy upon His slaves.

The shadows of sorrows should never steal the happiness of our lives. In this life something may happen and some other things may not happen, the way we wanted.

Verses 22 and 23rd of Surat Hadid is the shower of solace. These verses would pour in energy to face every happenings in this life, happily.

Many times, we wont reach the place we longed for. We must be successful in making the place we reached, a worthy abode. We are suppose to live our every day as if it’s the last one. That means our life should be that much fruitful and enjoyable. In this small life, we have only a countable number of sorrows. But the blessings we live in are uncountable. Take the learning from every distress and forget rest. Live happily!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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