Feel Ramadan – 17) No, we don’t know anything


Grandpa was planting seeds of mango tree. The curious grandson was watching this.
“Grandpa, why are you earthing these seeds?” asked the boy.
“Son, all these will sprout into tiny saplings, then we will separate and plant in different locations in our tillage. Later they will grow into big trees.” replied the old man.
“But how can big trees hide inside these tiny seeds? What if these don’t sprout?” amused the little boy.
“It would sprout. Allah has hidden a mango tree inside each seed. Which will give sweet plumply mangos”
The boy was still not convinced: ” how can a big tree come out from this small seed”
” Son, it will take many years for a seed to grow into a big tree and produce sweet fruits. Then you will understand. It won’t happen very quickly. By then, your grandpa may not be alive. But when you get to see sweet mangoes hanging on its branches, remember me, okay?”
The boy nodded with surprise.

Sometimes, the problems which we don’t understand quickly, tend to worry us a lot. It may take time to realize that similar to happiness, sorrows are also from Allah. Even if it takes a while to realize, the important thing we should seriously heed is that even within the dreadful afflictions, The Compassionate Lord would have sprinkled the seeds of boundless Mercy and abundant kindness.

It’s the close relationship and the hope in that All loving Lord, who swaddled us with infinite love, that should alone give us fortitude to live courageously through The calamities.

Every sorrow that was given by Allah, in our piddling life, eventually would gift us with a stronger mind. Happiness usually don’t teach us important lessons. But everyone who has been through difficult times, knows how precious was the lesson learned from it.

Every difficulty asks us a single question- how much can you bear? Those who whine in great pain even in small loses, would not be able to live a peaceful life.

Happiness is with those who can face even the awful afflictions realistically. Our life is like a highway were anything can happen next. Though science is well advanced, it still can’t help us predict what is going to happen in the next moment. The secret key to all invisible things are with Allah. That trivial is our life or that much we are dependable on Allah.

To refer patience, Qur’an has used the word ‘sabr’ which literally means ‘restrain’. We must be able to restrain. Patience means that even when we mourn or cry, we should not lose our hope on Allah’s mercy.

Prophet(PBUH) had cried many times. Blessed are those whose minds will not swerve even with bedewing eyes. There are numerous virtues in every sorrow, though we are unaware of it. We may not know about that virtue today, tomorrow or until we die. But, we must expect that virtue. If we live likewise we would attain a blissful heart and a peaceful life.

It doesn’t make much difference for a distress in this world whether we endure in it or not. But in the next life, indeed successful are those who have patience. Qur’an teaches us “And will reward them for what they patiently endured [with] a garden [in Paradise] and silk [garments] (76:12)

The limitless mercy of The Most Relenting Lord, which is much beyond our calculations, is always there with us. How many times in life we have realized that it was not our trivial decisions but Allah’s decisions that were better for us!

… But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (2:216)

Yes, Allah knows, but we don’t know!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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