Feel Ramadan – 20) Let’s seek the distressed!


Once Umar khatab (May Allah be pleased with him) heard about an old lady, living somewhere in the remote areas of Madina, struggling with no one to take care of. Before the dawn broke , he reached in search of her. But, he saw that, before him someone had already reached and had taken care of everything needed by that woman. The next day, he reached much earlier than the previous day. Surprisingly, the case was just similar to the previous day.

On the third day, he wanted to find out who was helping that woman. So, he reached that house very early and waited eagerly. Long before the dawn unveils, he saw someone walking towards the house. His face was not clearly seen. As the stranger reached closer, Umar (RA)  got hold of his hand. It was Abu Bakr Siddique (May Allah be pleased with him) . Thereupon, Umar (RA) responded like this: Abu Bakr, I knew no one but you can defeat me in this matter. That time, Abu Bakr (RA) was the kalifa of that country!!!

Faith and ideology are not only meant for the happiness of our personal life. Rather, they must plunge into the abyss of social affairs. There are numerous people around us, who are longing for our visit. Most of them are diseased. Wearied by the helplessness of poverty or isolated by the awfulness of old age…there are many! They do not crave for something to get from us, rather they just wish to see us. Just that presence would give them relief from the great pain they live with.

Sitting with such people will light little lamps of realization inside our hearts. We think that we have lost many things in our life. We whine that many things we wished could not be attained or some of our cravings just slipped from a feet away. Go and sit with these people. Then we will realize that whatever we think we have lost were in fact not real losses.

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This life, it is not a big phenomenon. It’s just a duration of breathing, with a few countable breaths between the bridge of birth and death!! On the way, we feel some happinesses, sorrows, gains, losses, relationships…and the life ends! Joyful childhood, teenage and youth are followed by ailments and senility, at the end. This life is a few drops of rain water that spilled from the hollow of our hands. Sorrows represents the real truth of life, not joys. At times, joys just peep in. Sorrows will always be there with us, at least a bunch from the old memories. Our eyes should shed tears in the sorrows of others more than in our sorrows. Look, on the Day of Reckoning, we will not be questioned for the sorrows we had in this life. But, Qur’an warns us that we will be questioned for the sorrows of all people who live around us.

Dr. Mustafa As-Siba’i, prominent scholar and social reformer from Syria says: “Visit a prison at least once in your lifetime, you will get to know the value of freedom that Allah has given you. Visit a court once in your lifespan, you will get to learn the value of justice that Allah has given you. Visit a hospital once in a month, you will get to realize the blessing of your health that Allah has given you. Visit a garden once a week, you can enjoy the beauty of this nature which Allah has made for you. Visit a library once in a day, you will realize the value of thinking power that Allah has given you. Each moment, be in strong relationship with Allah, you will realize the blessings he bestowed up on your life.”

When we seek the distressed, our relationship with Allah gets stronger. We will be able to see His blessings in its loftiness. We would feel that all that we have is more than enough for us. We would stop whining and complaining. When we share the solace of love with those who are in great pain, we will get to feel the joy of spirituality along with the serenity they feel in their minds. Let Ramadan be the the journey in search of distressed.

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