Feel Ramadan – 22) Everything will Perish!


Are you a trader? Would you like someone to buy something from your store and say “I’ll pay your money later?”. We always prefer to get money in hand with the sale. Postponing will bring forth unexpected liabilities. So, think! How many things, which we are suppose to perform for the sake of Allah, do we postpone everyday? How many of our obligations to Lord are still awaiting to be fulfilled?

We never postpone the worldly matters, do we? We will get our things done, at least by lending money. Even then, our duties towards Allah, lie there unattended! Look, even if we die, without fulfilling our wordily matters, still there will be someone to do that for us. But, if we don’t fulfill our duties towards our Lord and die, there will be absolutely no one to take responsibility of it. That’s why Qur’an teaches in the chapter Al- Imran, verse 133:

“And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the righteous.”

Imam Gazzali teaches: What would be the greatest wish of those who are in the graves? Return to this world at least for one day. What would one do if at all he gets a chance to return? No doubt, he will wholly indulge in good deeds. Because, it’s only after death he realized that nothing but his good deeds can help him in the Hereafter.

Death is the moment of solitude- we are left alone with our deeds. Everything else, which have been a part of us till then, will separate from us forever- our prestige, family, wealth- everything will leave us. Think about that moment when we are left all alone with our deeds!

While Prophet(PBUH) was taking a walk with a few companions, they heard some chaos on the way. When he enquired, said they are digging a grave! His face darkened and began shivering. He ran towards the grave and sat near it and cried. He said to the companions: “My dears, make all your preparations well in advance to meet a day like this” (Ibn Maja Sunan 4195)

Our runs, hastes, competitions, celebration- everything will perish. For whom we lived our entire life, they all will leave us. After the uninvited guest, death arrives, even our name will be changed to ‘Janaza’. They bury us, sprinkle handful of dust and walk away. Slowly, they will forget us. Only our deeds remain.

Look, we are destroying our deeds, those are going to stand with us forever, for the sake of our worldly ties, which are definitely going to leave us one day. Prophet(PBUH) said: “One who reminds himself of death frequently, his heart becomes alive and death becomes easy for him”. (ad-Dailami, Musnad al-Firdaus 41)

Before we do or say anything, we must think, if I die while doing this, what would I answer Allah for it? Will I be held accountable for this? Even if our family, friends and relatives blame us, the fear of Allah’s questions will take us into right path. In Sha Allah!

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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