Feel Ramadan – 24) He is with us!


Keep an iron piece in a paper and wipe a magnet on the other side. What would happen? The iron piece will move along with the magnet. This is how our firm belief in Allah. It is an Unseen power, which pushes, influences and strengthens us, without we fully knowing it. Like how the direction of an iron rod is controlled by the movement of magnet, we should be controlled by the power of our Imaan. When we sail only through the ways determined by Allah, He will be there in our ways. We would feel that affectionate word “I am with you”, even in the harrowing pains and isolating sorrows.

The famous English author, Stevenson once wrote his childhood experience. When he was a kid, he locked himself inside a room, by mistake. Though he tried his best to open the door, his efforts were in vain. After some time, all afraid, he began to cry aloud. His dad came but as the door was locked from inside and he could not help either. What would do? His dad called out his name. When he heard his dad’s sound, he explained what happened. His dad called carpenters to break the door and reassured him: “Don’t worry, I am here”. This gave him a lot of comfort and stopped crying. He didn’t feel afraid either.

Look, even if he was not seeing his dad, that presence and words gave him courage. If so, how much the presence of our Lord, who always encourage us saying “I am here”, should shower high hopes and serenity within us! If you let your child sit in a high table, and show your hands, he would definitely jump into your hands. Why? Because, he strongly trusts that you will not deceive him or break your word. Are we able to put our complete trust on Allah, like our wee kids do on us?

Someone asked Caliph Ali (RA), “Have you ever seen the Lord, whom you worship?”. His reply was from the depth of Imaan and prodigious wisdom. He said: “I have never worshiped a Lord, whom I have not seen. However, I am seeing my Lord with the eyes of my heart and everywhere around me, not through my eyes or locating any direction.”

The firm trust in Allah is a stream of solace. With the fear about him, all other fears should perish. Imaan should flow to us as a stream of eternal tranquility. We should attain the courage to never fail in front of anything else. True belief is an extraordinary experience, when the strong trust on the Unseen Lord exterminates every fears that are very much seen. Qur’an describes that ‘faith without doubt’ is indeed rewarding. Imaan without any doubts is indeed a best curing medicine. Most of us lose heart, when a terminating illness creeps in or when we fail to attain what we were longing for, or when someone closer leaves us forever…. etc. In all such instances, our ‘indubitable Imaan‘ should help us to stand firm, miraculously. Imaan helps us strive where everyone else fails.

English rendering of article written by Abdul Wadud!

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